Welcome to the Not-So Frequently Asked Questions corner v2. Here you will find questions that might have been asked, or at least general questions that I’ve thought of that might need answering

Q: Post F where?!
A: Short answer – Soon™ aka when it’s ready™. Long answer – The main cause of posts being delayed are usually due to the following: Procrastination, Real-life priorities, or the combination of both. I haven’t forgotten about them, and as for when they will be done, who knows?

Q: Site design?
A: Header is an image named seatides which you can google for. Background is a fan art of Tyrael from Diablo 3, drawn with a website named weavesilk. Both edited slightly badly edited with Microsoft Paint (lol). Everything else is from a default wordpress theme orz.

Q: Nice pictures! Can I steal use them?
A: Sure. Credits would highly be appreciated but feel free to do whatever.

Q: I think you’re awesome! Would you like to do X for me?
A: Maybe. Offers, writing related opportunities, whatever, I’ll consider them all. Just contact me at the appropriate places.

Q: I still think you’re awesome! Can I be your FB/Twitter/RL friend?
A: Feel free to follow me on Twitter to grab updates or listen to my random ramblings, I’m not a heavy Twitter user so don’t worry about me stalking taking note of you. Also if you want to express your support it is as simple as following/subscribing to this site and/or leaving a comment (I won’t bite, promise). As for personal friend requests, unless I know you personally or have at least met face to face, I’m afraid I’ll have to decline, just my personal policy, no hard feelings. That said, if you really want a date to treat me to coffee, contact me.

Q: Is that it? Is that all you’ve got?
A: Well that is all I can think of off the the top of my head so yes that is it, for the moment.

Q: (Insert troll question here)?A: I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.

Last updated v2.0: 28/3/13
Disclaimer: Just in case anyone’s sarcasm meter is broken, I would like to remind readers that I am actually really *cough* awesome *cough*.


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