Hello. My name is LordLightnDark. Since you are reading this, I presume you have that slightest bit of interest in knowing the mastermind behind this site. To get a better idea of who I am personally, read on.

Where do you get your nick from?

It’s a long story but here’s the short version of it. It originated from the card Chaos Soldier in Yu-Gi-Oh when I was 14. Over time it evolved into more of an identity so I’ve stuck with it ever since. Sometime later a card called Light and Darkness Dragon was released, which is the picture you see to the left here.

On anime
Here is my “resume“. Please refer to my profile on questions pertaining to my list. Without going too much into the young and mostly insignificant days, I started watching anime full-time back in Fall’08. Back then I used to pick about 5-6 shows to watch per season and that number has now more or less doubled tripled today. Even though I still prefer to go for quality productions, I’m open to watching  OK shows or even at times, mediocre shows, all across a broad range of genres. Genres I avoid are yaoi/shounen ai (..just no), sports and pure slice of life (I just find them boring). That being said, I’ still usually find myself stretching my watching limits with every passing season (5->10->15). At this point I still rely on subtitles for more technical shows but I can also understand simple sentences and the likes.

One thing I would like to add on is that I’m a huge seiyuu junkie, so much so that I will often watch shows based on the cast. In light of that, I don’t really have a definite favourite since I do pay attention to just about the bigger names in the industry.

On games
Admittedly I have not been playing that many games for the past few years, mainly because of how much of a time sink they are (thank you WoW).  I don’t own any console games at the moment, only a Game Boy and a PSP-2000. Going backwards the last major AAA title I played was Skyrim (2012) before I took an arrow to the knee. Before that I pretty much played only WoW exclusively for 3 years before quitting at the start of 2011. Before WoW was an era of online games such as: Gunbound; MapleStory; Runescape; GhostOnline; Granado Espada; Diablo II; DotA (from oldest->latest). I also used to play LAN/FPS games prior such as: CounterStrike 1.3; L4D; L4D2.  As for offline games, there are too many to list. Even till date I still feel that gaming kinda runs in my blood, it is just that as I grow older other matters start to take priority. “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” I have never lost my passion for gaming and I don’t think I ever will.

Ever since I’ve minimized my gaming time, I’ve shifted my attention towards E-sports, mainly following the Starcraft 2 and DotA 2 scene. I also watch Blazblue (2D fighting game) from time to time on youtube.

On everything else
While not doing either of the above, I should be doing either of the following:

  • Attempting to self-learn how to play the piano
  • Slowly self-study Japanese
  • Exercising since health is wealth
  • Planning another getaway overseas because I like traveling.
  • Thinking about random matters
  • Working Writing something here

Last but not least
I just want to share this post/note that I wrote a couple of weeks back slightly more than a year ago, my views hasn’t changed all that much since then so I’ll leave the note untouched.

2012 it is and it is time to be hardworking, or at least I hope to.


Answer is simple: 1. I’m not schooling 2. I’m not working

What does this mean?

To be honest, studying/working means that for the next X years or so, your path is pretty much set in stone, in contrast being a NEET also means that everyday your life is determined SOLELY by yourself. It is a powerful yet scary feeling. Humans are lazy in nature (much so me) and usually tend not to leave their comfort zone. So yes admittedly I have been slacking, though not totally of course.

What’s next?

I do have a rough idea of what I’m going to do this year, just without an exact timeline. Taking the time off has allowed me to get a clearer idea of what I REALLY want to do in life.

Slowly but surely I’m building up the momentum to get this started. This is going to take a whole lot out of me, I could see myself going for 1 or 2 years, but 5 or 10? That is the true question. Can I dedicate myself to do something which is essentially ALL or NOTHING? I don’t know, but if I don’t try, I will never know. Strangely I used to be a very logical person and not take unnecessary risks, especially when it comes down to your very own future. But despite that I truly believe that the way to go about living life is to do what you want to do. This sounds incredibly selfish and I have to admit that, but at the end of the day you only get to live once. The saying goes: “It is better to regret doing something than to regret something you didn’t do”. Sure, I can opt to go for the standard way of life, studying, getting a job, probably get married and live a life like any other. But deep down inside I asked myself, is this the kind of life I want to lead? I knew the answer straight away.

The path ahead will be filled with uncertainties and hardship. People will surely judge, and say that I’m making a mistake. People will talk me down within themselves and think what I’m doing is foolish. I can’t stop them from thinking that way and honestly, there is some truth to their sentiments. People usually like to play it safe and I can’t blame them for it.

In the end, ask yourself: “Am I satisfied with my current situation?” If the answer is no, do something about it. I think we are all prone to giving ourselves excuses and deluding ourselves, I’m no exception. Yes to a certain extent we are controlled and limited by the circumstances around us. Our options are limited based on our background and the capabilities we are born with. To say that one has no choice however is just an excuse deep down inside. There is always a choice, only whether it is feasible or worth the risk.

Maybe this is “youth” or a spur of the moment kind of thing. But I kept asking myself the same questions and the answers didn’t change once. I believe that if you don’t take the dive you’ll never know how deep the ocean can be. Some people are content spending their lives without ever setting foot into the unknown, but that to me is just boring.

As I type this, I can tell you I don’t know where I will be in 5 or 10 years. I might not even say the same things that I would say today, but I am going to live my life to the best I can without regretting. If you are wondering “why am I still doing this when I clearly have no interest or just going through the motion for the sake of it”, then perhaps it is time for a change too.

Last updated 1/4/13 (updated as part of the site’s v2 transition)


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  1. skycells says:

    I’ve slowly played less games over the past couple of years as well. I have too many hobbies to juggle right now (piano, drawing, writing, guitar, etc.) that I had to decide to ease back on something.
    I only started watching anime last year, but my watch list has already jumped to around 10 shows per season, especially since I enjoy blogging about anime now.

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