About this Site

Site history:
When Light Merges With Darkness – v2 28/3/13
When Light & Darkness Collides – v1 22/3/12

Transitioning into Version 2 – 1 year later:
How time flies, it has already been a year since I embarked on this journey of solitude. Till now I’ve kept this site as a low profile project, without publicly advertising it to the people I know. Partially because I know I’m going to get judged and labelled, looked down upon. Deep down inside I knew I couldn’t keep this up forever though, since eventually the cat has to be let out of the bag in order for me to move on. Ultimately people are going to do so regardless, which is why I decided a transition is necessary in due time. The other factor halting my progress is how I tend to procrastinate matters. I constantly think up of great concepts and ideas, yet fail to act upon them and they eventually get delayed till the point of oblivion, so I opted to take a timeout to reevaluate myself, to see if this is really the path I want to take, sort out and tie up all the loose ends – both in real-life as well as here.

I’m not going to go into detail about what I’ve done in real life, but in short significant changes have been made, mostly doing stuff that should’ve been done long ago (ie tidying up, reorganizing things, replacing the old with the new, planning ahead). As for the site itself, updates are done to places that needed updating (such as this one), while also giving it a new look to mark the transition. Hell, it’s about time.

During a 2-month break ninja break with no updates to the site whatsoever, I spent most of the days thinking about what I should do, what I need to do when I return. I knew I still wanted to continue writing, just not purely about anime and games anymore. While I know going on a hiatus without any notice is detrimental to the site’s readership (if it even exists), I personally think of it as a restart, a beginning of a new chapter where I start semi-anew.

So you might ask, what else is there to come? Well, it’s hard for me to go into exact details, but basically I’ve planned changes to the type of content that I will be writing on, with new additions too. In the past I’ve made the mistake of making promises I couldn’t deliver, so this time I’ll hold off on those announcements until I’m 100% sure I can get it done. All I can say now is to keep a lookout for them.

How this site came about:
To be frank, I got rejected. Not by a girl though. I tried to apply as a writer for a well known anime blog out there, I was strangely optimistic even though I knew somewhere deep down that the chances aren’t in my favour. The moment of truth came, I felt really awful and terrible for the remainder of that day. The world felt like it was going to end, but when I woke up the next day, I knew it wasn’t going to. As the successful applicants show up one by one, I realized and somewhat guessed that my writing skills were simply inferior (due to being uber rusty). They simply had more “qualifications” than I do. My anime history is not something I am ashamed of, nor is it something to be proud of. Sometimes I find people with extraordinary amounts of anime watched and I will think to myself: “that is sure one hell of a qualification”. Anyways, till now I have no clue why I missed the mark, assuming I wasn’t good enough seems to be the simplest reason I could find. “What that does not kill you makes you stronger.” Tasting defeat is never easy, especially for me. But that made me feel all the more I should do something it instead of giving up just like that and waiting for the next opportunity.

Why this site was created:
Moving on, while being denied was merely a setback, I still wanted an avenue to share my thoughts; a place where I could once more develop my writing skills. Somewhere where I can do so with more freedom and control. I’m personally not a fan of commenting, nor posting on forums. I prefer to lurk, yet I find that I still want to expand on the opinions that I have without it being invasive (aka spamming on social media). I like anime, I like games (not quite an otaku yet though), I like writing amongst other interests so why not just combine them together? Also, I used to have a personal blog in which I lost the motivation to continue updating. However when writing my last few posts to tie things up, I knew I still liked to blog, just not so much on my personal life anymore and instead focus on other aspects of life. So, it could be viewed as coincidence, or that I sort of planned it out but anyway this is pretty much the story..that you didn’t know.

What this site is about:
Short and sweet, I want to touch on:

  • Anime
  • Games
  • Other activities that maybe of interest such as traveling experiences

Who is involved:
At the moment it is me, myself and I. While I treat this site as a personal outlet for the foreseeable future, I won’t rule out the possibility of having others on board should this site miraculously gain some kind of a readership base.

Where this site is heading towards:
More than anything else, I just want to test myself to see if I can keep this going for 1-2 years and then see where I will go from there. That is the current plan because I’m going to be realistic and say that the chances of breaking out of being unknown is close to none. I’m going to try, and persevere. Here are some of the larger and longer term goals I can think of right now:

  • Stream games
  • Write for a more popular site
  • Be more actively involved in the E-sports/anime scene

All in all, there is a need to slowly build up a name and presence for myself to get into the grand scheme of things so one step at a time I guess?

When this idea was conceived:
I was toying around with the idea of setting up a website somewhere as far back as June 2011 while considering my options for the future. I did not really get into it because webpages can be tricky to set up along with domain names, server costs and other shenanigans. In Jan 2012 I began to take this idea more seriously and decided on WordPress after seeing similar sites using it as a platform. Came up with timeless and observer because I felt that humans are continuously observing each other, some consciously and others on a more subconscious level.

Last updated: 30/3/13 (updated for v2)


One Response to About this Site

  1. WOW you’re amazing for doing that! I know setbacks are always really difficult, I too would’ve totally been down like probably for the rest of the week and thought i wasn’t good enough. I’m so glad you are able to still use your skills and start up your own site. I really hate how terrible competition is these days, it’s so hard to get anything! I really do hope you continue writing about anime/games because I really do love going to different blogs and just reading individual’s thoughts. I recently started blogging myself, and it is really fun! If you ever do need assistance with domain names and such, let me know! 😀

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