Ready, set, ACTION! – Fall 2013 Preview

FISH my life.

The copy & paste preface: As usual, this is in no way a comprehensive preview as there are charts/better alternatives out there on the internet. So what you’ll find below is my watch-list for the Fall 2013 anime season (Oct-Dec) and why, based on what I’ve “homework” that I’ve done. This list is in no way final and may or may not change throughout the course of the season.

The seasonal introduction: Well, after going through the Fall chart/list for the first time (I usually go the lists a few times), I said to myself: “F M L”. I looked at my piece of scrap paper and counted 24 titles that at least managed to grab my attention. Long story short, after making some life-changing difficult decisions, my watch-list stands at a grand total of 16, which I believe is also my new record for “most number of shows watched in a season”. (monotone) Yay.

While sequels/continuations and RomComs are staples and to be expected, one genre stood out from the rest in this season. And that genre is *drum roll* Action! Indeed, 12 out of the 16 shows in my watch-list have the Action genre in it. I guess that means we’re in for some exciting action (terrible pun intended) then.

Action city


Interestingly, this anime was actually postponed till now due to its theme – a nuclear reactor meltdown. Remember the infamous earthquake that damaged the nuclear plants in Fukushima back in 2011? Due to the similarities, it probably would be insensitive to air this anime at that time, so here we are more than 2 years later.

“Reasons” for watching: #Action; #Hana Kana ; #Tomatsu Haruka ; #THE PRODUCTION VALUES.


Kyoukai no KanataKyoukai no Kanata

Eh..KyoAni? Enough said. Though in all honesty, I am not actually a fan, nor a skeptic when it comes to KyoAni productions (like Hyouka was great, Tamako Market kinda sucks). (monotone) Them character designs.. I usually auto-watch KyoAni shows for a simple reason (which you’ll see me mention many more times) – production values.

“Reasons” for watching: #Action; #Chihara Minori; KyoAni aka #THE PRODUCTION VALUES.



Infinite Stratos 2IS: Infinite Stratos 2

France-tan best tan! Infinite Stratos returns after a hiatus of more than 2 years, which is actually quite surprising considering how well-received the first season was. Everyone sort of expected a sequel to follow shortly after the first season, but it never came – till now that is. I’m actually not sure if this is a direct sequel or a reboot of the franchise, as I’ve read conflicting reports on whether it is the former or the latter. In reality, who cares! IS is actually (not even joking) one of those “legit” harem shows out there, meaning that IS possesses proper plot while maintaining quality at the same time – traits which many generic harem shows clearly lacks.

“Reasons” for watching: #Action ; France-tan best tan aka #Hana Kana; #RomCom + Harem; #All-star cast .

Freezing VibrationFreezing Vibration

In the same situation as IS, it took just over 2 years for Freezing to finally get its second season. Ironically, both IS and Freezing both aired way back in Winter’11 and now they both of their sequels are slated to continue in Fall’13. After the first season, I did follow the manga for a bit before stopping somewhere (couldn’t be bothered), so it is safe to say that I will need a refresher course because I only remember bits and pieces of the series now.

“Reasons” for watching: #Action; #Hana Kana ; #Ecchi; #All-star cast.

Kill la KillKill la Kill

Confession here – I am hopping on the bandwagon for this one. Supposedly it is highly anticipated, though having said that the premise and the “look” of this show doesn’t really appeal to me all that much. I acknowledge that sometimes I do tend to judge a book by its cover, though I make up for that by applying the “watch because everyone else is watching therefore it must be good” theory because more often than not hyped shows do deliver (exceptions still exists of course).

“Reasons” for watching: #Actio ; Potential #THE PRODUCTION VALUES; #Bandwagon.


Strike the BloodStrike the Blood

Strike whose blood?  Not a lot to say for this one, mainly watching for the plot and *cough* action genre.

“Reasons for watching: #Action; Potential #THE PRODUCTION VALUES; #Looks good so I’ll watch anyway.





Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku NaritaiSekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!

I want to be the very best, like no one ever was – whoops wrong show. If the cover picture to the left isn’t indicative enough, then.. I’m not sure what else should I say. Despite ecchi shows being of lower quality in general (thus I wasn’t expecting much), I looked at the cast and my eyeballs went from o_o to O_O. Is this reality? Is this real life? I mean, screw (pun semi-intended) busty women putting the moves on each other in a ring, this seiyuu list is insane! In an ecchi show! Oh wait did someone say they were watching this for the “sport/wrestling” action? Seems legit.

“Reasons” for watching: #Action *cough*; #Ecchi; #All-star cast; #Hana Kana.

Unbreakable Machine DollUnbreakable Machine-doll

Interesting note: UMD and Baka Test share the same male and female lead seiyuu. Apart from that, much like Strike the Blood; there isn’t a lot for me to say about this show as it falls under the “I don’t know much about this show but it looks good so I’ll watch it anyway” category.

“Reasons” for watching: #Action; #Looks good so I’ll watch anyway.




Tokyo RavensTokyo Ravens

While I dislike to repeat the same words over and over, sometimes it can’t be helped I rather repeat myself than to come up with uninspiring generic statements if I don’t have anything constructive to say. So yes, Tokyo Ravens also falls under the “I don’t know much about this show but it looks good so I’ll watch it anyway” category, with the addition that Tokyo Ravens also boasts an all-star cast, which is usually an auto-watch factor if the show is even half decent in other areas.

“Reasons” for watching: #Action; #Looks good so I’ll watch anyway; #All-star cast; #Hana Kana.

BlazBlue Alter MemoryBlazBlue Alter Memory

HYPE!! Or not. I could write an essay on Blazblue, why the game is so awesome, and why many people; including myself wanted to see an adaptation. Alas, game-to-anime adaptations tend to suck (not even joking), which I guess can’t be helped due to the differences in both mediums. Alas, when I looked at the character designs; looked into the staff; watched the PV, let’s just say my expectations aren’t actually high despite my love for the Blazblue franchise. The only saving grace is that the voicing roles remain unchanged. I don’t know, mixed bag of feelings for this one. I really want this adaptation to do the game proud but I can’t be too optimistic given what I’ve seen so far.

“Reasons” for watching: #Action; #All-star cast; It’s freaking Blazbue!!

Galilei DonnaGalilei Donna

You guessed it folks, this is a “I don’t know much about this show but it looks good so I’ll watch it anyway” show (them trends). Oh and this show airs in the noitaminA timeslot, which sort of means that any show in this block has at the very least; minimum decent potential going for it – judging by how the past noitaminA shows have performed.

“Reasons” for watching: #Action ; #THE PRODUCTION VALUES.




Samurai FlamencoSamurai Flamenco

I have another confession to make. As with Kill la Kill, I hopped on the bandwagon for Samurai, except that I was even less convinced about this one compared to the former. I might be mistaken, I have been wrong before, but I’ll just say it outright that if expectations aren’t met for this show I’ll go ahead and drop this and pick up another. We shall see.

“Reasons” for watching: #Action; Potential #THE PRODUCTION VALUES; #Bandwagon.


Less action more talk aka everything else

Nagi no AsukaraNagi no Asakura

Oh boy, THE FEELS. I can feel them coming (even before the show airs). If anyone remembers AnoNatsu from last year and AnoHana from 2011, this show is like the offspring between the two. With the same OP/ED singers from AnoNatsu and the same scriptwriter from AnoHana, could this be the best of both worlds? Not to mention, having Hana Kana further adds to the star power, making Nagi no Asakura one of the must-watch titles of the season, at least for me.

“Reasons” for watching: #THE PRODUCTION VALUES; Potential #THE FEELS; #Hana Kana; #Kayano Ai.

Golden TimeGolden Time

What time is it? Golden time! (that was lame). JC Staff handling adaptation – neutral feelings. RomCom with decent quality going for it = why not?

“Reasons” for watching: #RomCom – Harem.





Little Busters RefrainLittle Busters! Refrain

Incoming rant in 3.. 2.. 1. The first season of LB was horrid in my not-so humble opinion. The only reason why I even bother to watch Refrain is to see if the series can redeem itself. As far as I know, Refrain is supposed to be the reason why LB is such an acclaimed visual novel, and I don’t want to be missing out now that I’ve invested time into watching the “worst” bits of LB.

“Reasons” for watching: None.



Man I am such a huge sucker for Horror/Psychological shows, so any of these offerings that pop up are usually auto-watch, as long as they look terrible. That said, if Pupa does turn out to be a waste of time then I’ll gladly watch another show in its stead.

“Reasons” for watching: #TEH HORROR; Potential #THE PRODUCTION VALUES.





Close but no cigar aka the other 8 that almost made it

Kyousougiga – The high-profile casts makes me wanna watch this but alas I don’t watch show solely for the casting alone.

Outbreak Company – Was thinking about this one, until I watched the PV – I’ve got no room for lower quality productions this season!

Log Horizon – SAO v2.0 with less quality? Considered but no thanks.

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – Watched season 1, not impressed. Said will watch if I have room, which I don’t!

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle (Season 3) – Watched seasons 1 and 2, only liked the puzzle elements of the show and nothing else. As with Magi, would watch if I had room.

Walkure Romanze – Was debating between this and Samurai, decided in the end to go for the “quality” pick even though I was leaning towards this one. *cough*

Gingitsune – Not a fan of slice-of-life genres so I prioritized other shows above this one even though the synopsis still caught my attention.

Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Lovecome o Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru – Abbreviated as NouCome, would auto-watch the typical RomCom shows like this one but decided to go with the more “risky + rewarding” picks instead of the “safe” picks that I usually go for.

Closing thoughts:

Sometimes it is really not easy being a “fan” of anime – as much as I would like to watch all 24 of them, it is simply not feasible – or so I would like to think. Over time my tastes have begun to diversify and more often than not I would watch “mediocre” or average shows as long as it doesn’t bore me to tears because sometimes certain shows really do turn out to be hidden gems or surpass initial expectations. In light of that, I would still try to limit myself to 10-15 shows (the lesser the better) per season in interests of time.For me it really is a thin line to balance between “not compromising” (aka not watching the average stuff) and “watching for the sake of watching” (aka watching the average stuff just because I can). Although I prefer to watch as little as possible in order to maintain whatever “standards” I have left, I would still rather watch more than less.

All things said and considered, nothing is set in stone and will be subjected to changes. There will be shows that exceed expectations and vice versa. Though I tend to stick to my watch-list for the most part, I have a feeling that this season might just force me to bend that rule a little, where I will most likely swap shows around depending on how they perform.


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