Monogatari Series: Second Season 11

Monogatari Series 11 11(monotone) Yet another recap episode, yay!




Once again, I was wondering why the subs were so delayed and lo and behold – yet another recap episode. This time it was a full recap of Bakemonogatari, which in my opinion isn’t too bad a choice, considering that Bakemonogatari aired in Summer’09, 4 years ago. Surprisingly enough, I managed to remember most of Senjougahara’s and Mayoi’s arc, whereas the details were a little fuzzy when it came to Kanbaru’s and Sengoku’s arc. Once again, since no one bothered to sub I had to watch this episode raw, which made me realize how dependent I was on subtitles, although I could actually understand 80-90% of the lines that were being said (thankfully they cut out most of the wordy ones).

Reflecting back, 4 years has been a really long time, even more so in an ever-changing anime landscape. Back then I was fairly new to the scene and would watch roughly 5 shows per season. Today, while I try to limit myself from watching too much, I would still watch anywhere from 10-15 shows, easily twice or thrice the amount I started out with. Back then my knowledge of seiyuus and my understanding of the Japanese language was nearly non-existent. Today I can easily name you each of the heroines’ seiyuu. Today I could understand majority of the dialogue (partially because I’ve heard them before and know what to expect), thanks to anime. It’s been a long time coming.

Senjougahara tore (fascination)

The first thing I noted down was how the episode was divided amongst the 4 heroines of Bakemonogatari. The results were as follows:

  • Hitagi Crab – 10 min
  • Mayoi Snail – 4 min
  • Suruga Monkey – 4 min
  • Nadeko Snake – 4 min

From this we can clearly conclude who the best heroine is, right? First impression counts, and Senjougahara’s arc is therefore the most crucial in leaving behind a positive viewing experience.

I won’t be going into the specifics for each arc (recapping on a recap?). If you’re reading this, you should have already watched Bakemonogatari or this episode, which is essentially 12 episodes worth of content crammed into 1. I’ll just mention whatever comes to mind instead. First and foremost, the wordplay. When Senjougahara asked the crab to take away her feelings/emotions (思い), it also took away her weight (重い). Both words are pronounced the same way (omoi).

Sorry, I flubbed

Fresh off the Mayoi-centric arc in Kabukimonogatari, I have to say that Mayoi is kinda underrated as a character (especially after seeing her grownup version). Her original story was actually somewhat weak, but her subsequent appearances, most notably the one in Nisemonogatari where the talk about using the word courage adds a positive ring to every sentence was where she started to impress me.

Everyone should also know that Senjougahara stole the spotlight when she confessed her love for Araragi at the end of this particular arc.

Devil of a monkey

Kanbaru’s arc was.. a little anti-climatic, to say the least. The amount of colourful blood strewn across the screen reminded me of how gory Monogatari can be. So what was the most enjoyable part? Probably the exchanges between Araragi and Kanbaru, along with the occasional Senjougahara.

Snakes on a plane little girl

If anyone were paying decent attention, they would also have realized that Sengoku is the only heroine left that has yet to make a showing 11 episode in. Foreshadowing? Maybe. Amongst all the heroines, Sengoku is probably the one that I have the least impression of, solely due to her seemingly limited appearances thus far.

As with Suruga Monkey, the scenes in Nadeko Snake reminded me too that at times Monogatari can be extremely suggestive, for better or for worse.

Altair Deneb Vega

Last but not least, probably my favourite Monogatari episode of all time – the date between Senjougahara and Araragi where they went star-gazing. THE FEELS!!

Ok, next episode please.


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