Monogatari Series: Second Season 10

Monogatari Series 10 2Mayoi, is that you?

Mayoi > All except Senjougahara?

That grownup Mayoi. Time to revise the heroine ranking list anyone? It turns out that the mysterious savior is none other than the same Mayoi that Araragi saved 11 years ago. Although Mayoi’s outer appearance has *erhem* matured, I find it “cute” that she still carries a (different) backpack that is pretty much one of her trademarks.

Last week we got to know half of the picture via Shinobu’s narration, and this week the remaining half was filled in by none other than the Hawaiian man Oshino. Although Shinobu and Araragi were correct in predicting the events that lead to the destruction of the world, they were only half-correct – in the sense that they were still in the same current timeline as opposed to the original timeline where they were from. The episode did a clean job in explaining that Araragi and Shinobu were originally from world “A”, before time traveling 11 years back to world “X”, whereas now they are currently in the present time of world “X”. The best part though has to be the Aloha guy knowing that Araragi and Shinobu were time travelers from another world, hence his request for them to meet the grownup Shinobu of world “X”.

Sometimes all we want is just a pat on the head

When Araragi and Shinobu learned of Oshino’s request to “deal” with the other Shinobu, or should I say Kiss-shot, the duo thought that they were about to go on a suicide mission, as they are no more than a half-assed human and a half-assed vampire respectively and their foe is none other than one of the strongest entities in the Monogatari universe. But first things first, let’s sit down and have a casual chat with your alternate self.

Ironically, there was no showdown to be had, although blood was still shed. After learning of the possibility that Araragi manages to live on instead of dying in an alternate world, Kiss-shot offers the duo a way back to the place where they came from, at the expense of her own life (it was meaningless for her anyway since the Araragi of this world no longer exists). That bittersweet feeling.

Harem route still the best route after all(?)

Personally I find it a pity that the grownup Mayoi played such an insignificant role, but that was to be expected as she had never met Araragi (despite being saved by him 11 years prior), therefore they aren’t supposed to be friendly with each other. That being said, I have to say that Kabukimonogatari was one of the more enjoyable arcs compared to the rest. The time traveling part alone was more than enough to impress me, but the conclusion itself was also particularly moving, not to mention satisfying as well. I mean, if you just compare Kabukimonogatari to Neko White, their differences in terms of depth and the way the story unfolds is as clear as night and day.

Last but not least, I guess I got trolled hardcore. By that I meant the red herrings in Ougi and Yotsugi. I was so sure that they had some kind of involvement in this arc since they showed up right at the start, that turned out not to be the case at all. Interestingly enough the same can be said for the girl who knows everything plus (whose name eludes me) and the episode guy in Neko White. Could it be Definitely some sort of foreshadowing.

PS: I guess a flubbing Mayoi is fine too.PSS: More Kiss-shot would be fine too.


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