Monogatari Series: Second Season 9

Monogatari Series 9 19Time Traveling + Zombie Apocalypse = ???




Cause and Effect

Them ironies are too strong. Who would’ve thought that the culprits behind the annihilation of the world Araragi and Shinobu traveled to was none other than the duo themselves. To be precise, it was the Araragi and Shinobu of this particular timeline who caused doomsday, and the catalyst for that happened to be none other than Mayoi, or the lack thereof. A minor change in events was all that was needed to spell the doom of the world.

This fine detail happened originally back in Neko Black, where many people; including myself didn’t pay too much attention to it since it didn’t mean too much at that time, but who would’ve thought that it made all the difference. To be honest, I only remember the part about Shinobu running away and Araragi was desperately looking for her in order to combat Black Hanekawa. Apparently Mayoi (I didn’t remember this part) was the one who noticed that Shinobu ran away from home and notified Araragi of that. This is where the law of cause and effect comes into the picture.

In the original timeline, Araragi did manage to find Shinobu, whereas in this timeline, due to Mayoi not becoming an apparition, she never met and thus couldn’t tell Araragi that Shinobu went missing. Little did everyone know, the Shinobu at that time was a little suicidal, a little depressed, a little angry and all she wanted was for Araragi to find her (don’t ask me why). Next, because Araragi never did find Shinobu, he met his untimely demise at the hands of Black Hanekawa (IIRC he got saved in the nick of time by Shinobu in the original timeline after meeting her or something like that). As Araragi and Shinobu are both “bonded” to each other, the death of one meant the release of the other, in this case meaning that Shinobu got restored to being a full-fledged vampire. And as previously mentioned, Shinobu was feeling a little unwell, which led her to turn the world into vampires before committing suicide, causing the vampires to turn into zombies. The end.

Wait what? That sounds crazy! Because it actually is.

2 Left 4 Dead

Having learned the truth after doing some detective work, Araragi and Shinobu fell into despair as they realize that there was no way (?) to do another time warp as the shrine was changed due to the changes in history. The Araragi and Shinobu of this current world also no longer exists, leaving them as the sole survivors of this world. At least you can grab all you want at the supermarket and also play with fireworks as a self-consolation of sorts.

Is this the bad end? My spider senses tells me that there are definitely survivors in the aftermath. Ougi? Yotsugi? Hello. Time to save the world girls.


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