Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. 16 FINAL





My little sister light novel couldn’t possibly end like this!

Let me just skip straight to the ending first and offload my thoughts on it because that’s where it matters right?

As expected, the TRUE END of Oreimo is the one where Kyousuke ends up with no-one. If you ask me that seems more like a BAD END than a TRUE END, but hey if that is how the author wants to end the series on, that’s his/her prerogative. It is understandable that fans of the series got upset and lose sleep rage over the fact that there was no winner, not Kirino, not Kuroneko, not even any of the other heroines. The funny thing is that in order to be “fair”, this was actually the most ideal path to take – the other alternative being the much despised (depends) HAREM END, which in all honesty sucks as an ending because Oreimo was never a true harem series to begin with – Kyousuke is just a lucky bastard in that regard.

In an ideal world, many would have liked to see a Kuroneko ending, heck or even a Kirino one, but realistically speaking for Kyousuke’s case, neither were actually feasible. Such is the irony for applying logic in a fictional setting. An interesting point to note is that the conclusion to the series was fairly open-ended. It was conclusive in a way, but not in such a way that a sequel is out of the question. Who knows, we might see a sequel where the ideal outcome is achieved, instead of a realistic one.

Personally, I would have liked to see a HAPPY END, be it Kirino, Kuroneko or anyone else for that matter. Alas, that was not to be. Although I guess I was slightly disappointed over that, it was nothing to be screaming or crying over. In the grand scheme of things, the level of entertainment Oreimo has provided throughout the course of its run can be said to be rivaled by only a handful of titles thus far – so if you add up the pluses and minuses, Oreimo still comes out way ahead in the positives (at least for me). While it is a bummer for Oreimo to go down the path of rationality, can people even fault the author for being level-headed? It boils down to a matter of perspectives. At the end of the day, let me just remind you all that this still a work of fiction, irregardless of outcome. To quote a certain insane villain: “Why so serious?”

Moral of the story: Idealistic + Happy END > Realistic + Sad END? Sometimes we just can’t have the best of both worlds.

The final boss

Now that I’ve shared my 2 dollars about endings and whatnot, this is the other subject I wanna touch on. A long time back, I read on some online forum that people were calling Manami a bitch (for obvious reasons), and today I can finally see why. Who would’ve thought, that the childhood friend was the final obstacle who stood in the Kousaka siblings’ way. Now here comes the million dollar question: “If you were in Manami’s shoes, would you support, or dissuade them?” There is no right/wrong answer to that question and again, it all depends on an individual’s point-of-view.

At the very least, we got to see Manami’s true colours as she vehemently objected to the forbidden relationship between blood siblings. In the past we got to see glimpses of why Kirino and Manami never got along well, today was the decisive battle was the day where all the bad blood between them were unleashed from the depths of their hearts. If words can’t settle a dispute, let the fists do the talking instead, just don’t let the cops find out.

If Manami wasn’t well-liked before, it is now official that she is probably the most-hated character, or possibly tied with all the Kirino haters. While I do agree that Manami’s actions were a little heavy-handed, it isn’t impossible to see where she’s coming from. See this childhood friend whom you admired since young, now he loves his own little sister in a strange twist of fate! While I don’t pity Manami, I can empathize with her feelings at that point in time. Kirino out of everyone? The taste of “defeat” must have been a bitter pill to swallow.

And so it ends with a kiss (or two)

School graduation, pseudo wedding ceremony, what a way to go out with a bang, or perhaps it was a whimper after all? Knowing that the world will never truly accept such an immoral relationship, there was only one way to bid goodbye to the short yet sweet (I guess) times Kirino and Kyousuke shared. That bittersweet feeling. And so life continues on as usual, as though nothing happened..sequel maybe?

Final Impressions

See episode 13


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