Attack on Piano 2013

Attack on Piano 21Them feels.




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Alright, time now is 3.33am and I am sleepy as heck with STGCC to attend in less than 12 hours, but I’m still going to get this post done anyway because who needs sleep I want to be on-time with “important” posts from now on. There is a whole lot I want to say but I’ll probably cut most of them short since the most important parts (videos and pictures) are already uploaded and I figure not many people would want to listen to me ramble anyway.

Before the concert

Since the concert lasts from 7-9.30pm (plus ticket collection from 6pm onwards plus travel time), taking an early dinner (or breakfast in my case) is a must. Funnily enough, the directions on how to get there on the reservation email were wrong and in a classical case of monkey see monkey do – A bunch of random people around me followed each other whilst checking their phones and realizing that they are heading in the opposite direction.

Arrived at the venue at around 6pm, collected my ticket and decided it was time to snap some photos around the area since there was nothing to do (seating wasn’t to be opened till 6.50pm). Suddenly people started queuing (typical Singaporean culture) and as this is a free-seating concert, it is of utmost important for me to get in line as soon as possible. While waiting, staff members approached the queues – selling AOP posters for $10 a piece. The cheapskate in me said that this is a damn ripoff, though that said; the proceeds went to charity first regret later.

As people trickled in, it was close to 7pm and the doors finally opened! By the time I entered, almost 3/4 of the auditorium was filled up, luckily I managed to secure a fairly good seat (just a row or two behind the VIP seats). Before long it was time for the concert to start and I’ll let the videos do the talking.

After the concert

It was evident that the song lists were swapped around last-minute (probably due to time constraints), as there was confusion even by the staff handling the PowerPoint slides displaying the song title, even though the concert still ended half an hour late (current time 10pm). Furthermore there were a few songs that weren’t even on the original list. While that isn’t a bad thing in itself, in hindsight upon checking the list I realized that a couple of tracks that I liked were skipped.

For the concert itself, the pianists Animenzzz and TehIshter were simply fantastic, several songs even gave me chills, though I have some complains to make. Firstly, I may sound like an ass for saying this, but I really would have preferred if there were no vocals at all (which several songs had). Not to take anything away from the singers – they sang OK-ish – but their voices simply drowned out the piano so I couldn’t enjoy the music to the fullest.

Secondly, the goddamn audience. The incessant screaming was unavoidable, so RIP my eardrums. The thing that pissed me off the most is people who cannot shut the bloody hell up (be it during movies or concert where silence is appreciated). I had yet another unpleasant experience of sitting around people who have to open their mouths even when the songs were being played. Also as I was recording the concert, the pair of old men in front of me had to keep blocking the camera (not that it affected my own viewing experience), if you watch the video you will know what I mean. Thirdly, the general audience who don’t know when to zip their mouths. For the record, I remained silent throughout the entire concert (except for clapping), I really do not see any reason to wonder out loud when something didn’t go according to plan. It is just a really annoying experience, again if you watch the video you will know what I mean.

Whining aside, after the concert the duo were out for signatures/photos and they were swarmed/mobbed hardcore, people please give them room to breathe for the love of god. Evidently there was a lack of proper crowd control. By the way I loitered around enough to tell you that the photo-taking/signing went on for roughly another half an hour. Managed to get both of their signatures on my ticket (like many others who did not bring something for them to sign on) and while I considered taking a picture with them, I decided to pass (due to a combination of reasons which I can’t be bothered to explain). All in all, mission accomplished.

Closing thoughts

Attending and enjoying the concert was one thing, uploading videos and making this post is another. Gonna cut this part short since it isn’t too interesting anyway.

The last point I want to make is probably a question that many, including myself have asked: “Why here?” For those who are unaware, this is the first time Animenzzz (Germany) and TehIshter (Canada) have met in real life and obviously this is also their first time performing live together. Going back to the question, why here of all places in the world? Who could possibly have the money or connections to bring them together? Let the conspiracy theories begin!

PS: Time now is 4.30am and my mind is half asleep, forgive any and all mistakes. I worked hard! Time for me to get some much-needed rest.


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4 Responses to Attack on Piano 2013

  1. skycells says:

    Ahhh, you’re lucky, I really wanted to go to this. Yeah, crowds can be somewhat annoying depending on the event. When professional pianists hold concerts, staying quiet during the performance is a given; it shouldn’t have been any different in this case.

    As for why they met in Singapore, I think Ishter may have some family there since I remember seeing a post about his grandmother on Facebook after he had left Canada for the concert.

    • I see, that makes some sense now. Hopefully there will be another one next year 🙂 And yeah, the audience really got on my nerves but oh well it can’t be helped since everyone was so excited for this collaboration.

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