Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. 15

RIP in pieces, Kanako.OreimoS2 15 25




Keep calm and play galge

For a penultimate episode, I have to say the atmosphere throughout the episode was surprisingly relaxing compared to the amount of tension present in the previous installment. Back at the hotel room (uhoh), Kirino and Kyousuke seemed to have accepted their feelings for each other and reality has just about sunken in. Thus, it was time for them to continue playing the eroge from where they left off ponder about what the future lies in hold for the both of them. By the way, a 30k yen ring is a pretty expensive gift to be giving (in my cheapskate opinion).

Seeking acceptance (and hopefully their blessings) from the people around them was the next logical step to take, so the pair chose to start with the easiest ones first – their close mutual friends aka Saori and Kuroneko. Naturally they aren’t too opposed to the notion of siblings going out with one another since Kuroneko knew this was coming anyway and Saori doesn’t care is quite the open-minded individual. Now that their initial mission is complete, it is time to tackle the harder ones in Ayase and more imporantly – their parents.

Another one bites the dust

I guess I will never understand why people tend to always fall for the same person despite the world population standing at 7 billion (that’s anime logic for you). Even Kanako decided that she wants a piece of the Kyousuke pie and confessed her feelings for him rather suddenly. Um guys, where is the buildup, or did I miss another memo? All I remembered was Kanako coming over to Kyousuke’s residence while he was exiled in order to get him to be her guinea pig for her cooking experiments. Apart from that, there were times where they interacted with each other, but not nearly enough for feelings to develop. Well, that’s yet another mysterious of the universe. Unfortunately, Kanako was never even a possible contender in the first place and got shot down in the most anti-climatic fashion possible. RIP.

To my future self

“To my future self, if you ever read this (although I don’t think I ever will), I just want to know whether you’re happier than the me of today and whether you ever regretted going down this path no one will probably understand.”

When I saw Kirino listening to the messages that her past self recorded, two distinct thoughts came to mind. The first being: “Isn’t Kirino a bit too young to be doing that sort of thing?” and the second one being: “If I had to leave a message to my future self, what would that be?” Strangely enough, talking to my future self was an act that never occurred to me because it does feel weird talking to the you who doesn’t exist and then listening to the you who used to exist. This is suddenly beginning to feel like some time traveling shenanigans.

Nonetheless, the root of everything still boils down to the past, where Kyousuke once shined brightly and illuminated Kirino’s world. The pair might have drifted apart in the upcoming years, however her feelings were only frozen over the course of time, never gone. And when the ice finally started to melt, all Kirino had to do was to listen to her past self to reignite the flame in her heart.

The biggest question remains, how will their parents react to this? Will there truly be a happy ending for everyone? The answer is semi-obvious at this point in time, and I’ll save any needless speculation as I brace myself for the potential rage that I might feel.


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