Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. 14

OreimoS2 14 19Oops, I did it again.




Somehow, I managed to conveniently forget that there are 3 more episodes of Oreimo after the TV broadcast ended at 13. So yeah.. I felt kinda dumb for saying how episode 13 felt inconclusive (although it really was). This also reminded me of the first season of Oreimo where the true end episodes were streamed online, while the TV run had an original ending (IIRC). Oreimo, why you do this to me??

Regardless, although I’m a little late to the party here, I’m not totally spoiled to the ending as I have been avoiding them (for the sake of keeping the posts untainted), though I do know that people have been raging over the ending and whatnot. So yeah.. We shall see.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Picking affairs up right after the events of episode 12 (which also meant episode 13 is purely a filler), Kyousuke decided it was time to activate his man mode and to set his relationship(s) straight once and for all. The first step was to come clean with his now ex-girlfriend Kuroneko who was still awaiting his response. As much as we want breakups to be amicable without having bitter feelings; resentment, things won’t always go according to the way we want it to be. Needless to say, Kuroneko Yamineko wasn’t fully mentally prepared (though she expected this day to come) and had to put on a strong front in an attempt to hide her how hurt she really was.

With Ayase and the now fallen Yamineko out of the picture (?), it was clear who the “victor” was, except there were no actual winners, or so I think.


I apologize in advance for using a Chinese idiom, but this was the best saying that came to mind and I couldn’t really think up of an English equivalent (such is the beauty of different languages). Loosely translated, it roughly means something along the lines of “right under your nose” (translation courtesy of Google translate). Indeed, at times we search high and low for this; we chase after X for Y, yet sometimes in the end what we were looking for are actually right in front of us, yet we fail to notice that because we simply looked too far ahead.

While this saying isn’t the most suitable one to fit Kyousuke’s case, it is still applicable. After spending time with Kuroneko and Ayase and away from Kirino, he finally realized his true feelings after they were locked away subconsciously in the past. When the seed grows into a sapling and finally into a tree, it couldn’t be ignored anymore could it?

A Christmas eve date went wrong culminated with a heartfelt confession (thanks to Saori and co) from Kyousuke to Kirino, which was met with much disgust and rejection from Kirino. Well, that was to be expected, since this is you-know-what we’re talking about. While I would like to question both of the Kousaka siblings on their mentality (and send them for some counseling), Kirino also promptly reminded me that there is a distinct difference between fiction and reality. Long story short, they work in different ways. In a fantasy setting, anything goes, whereas in the real world; there are social norms to adhere to; rules to follow and the fact that you only live once. Therefore when Kirino yelled at Kyousuke for not being sensible, the letters I-R-O-N-Y were also spelled out indirectly.

Just to repeat myself and what Kirino said because I can’t stress how important this is: “People need to be able to differentiate between fiction and reality”. I’ll probably repeat myself again after all is said and done because I really see no valid reason for people to rage over works of fiction. Sometimes I do cringe over terrible writing, plot execution and stuff like that but definitely not over which heroine “won”. Admittedly I do have my preferred/favourite heroine whom I “cheer” for, but even if they don’t end up with the MC; it isn’t anything to lose sleep over.

Getting back to the confession at hand, Kyousuke’s honest feelings managed to get through to Kirino, after going through many layers of self-denial. Happy end? Not really, for now this is where the true test begins. After the both of them have come to terms with their own feelings, how will the rest of the world react to it?


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