Monogatari Series: Second Season 7

Monogatari Series 7 35“Time travel?” I said with a posed look.




“Welcome back.” I said with a posed look

Well well, look who showed up. The pair which were involved in Tsukihi’s arc in Nisemonogatari finally made their resurgence, except that I don’t exactly know what is the deal with the both of them. Firstly, Oshino Ougi (boy I even forgotten what she looked like) gave Araragi some grand speech about traffic lights and lectured him on some contradictory philosophy that red lights are better than green lights. While I tried to put some thought into what she said, I can’t help but feel that although what Ougi said was true, the bigger question to ask is: “Is it relevant to the current plot at all?” By the end of the episode, the answer is clearly no.

The same question and answer could be repeated for Ononoki Yotsugi‘s case. Meeting Araragi in the middle of nowhere town (notice that there are no random people in Monogatari series ever), the pair talked about seemingly irrelevant topics (which I’m not going to dissect). Make no mistake, Ougi and Yotsugi are definitely involved in Kabukimonogatari (hence their appearance), and in fact if you payed attention you would have noticed a connection between this episode and the whole of Neko White. Simply put, the events that transpired this episode (and presumably the whole of this arc) actually happened simultaneously along Neko White.

The boy who leaped through time

The most obvious clues are perhaps Araragi’s attire, and more importantly the fact that he was seen attempting to return Mayoi (going to call her that because Hachikuji is a pain in the ass to type over and over) her backpack. I vaguely remember some mention of Araragi and Mayoi leaving her backpack behind while “playing” at his house in Neko White, and with this episode everything made total sense now – especially with the time travel shenanigans that marks the true beginning to this arc.

As the last character to appear, Shinobu definitely deserves the MVM (most valuable monster) award. Reminiscing a little, she has gone from a silent girl who hardly had any lines to becoming an extremely talkative vampire as of late, not to mention the plethora of poses and faces that she is so fond of making. In her quest to help Araragi with his summer break homework, one solution out of the many possibilities was to travel back in time. Yay! Except that everyone saw it coming from a mile away that something was bound to go awry. One does not simply want to time travel and do it that easily.

Honestly, I’ve seen my fair share of stories that have some elements of time travel in it and those always fascinate me the most – because certain “laws” will have to be obeyed (despite time traveling itself is defying the laws of science), in order to avoid time paradoxes and whatnot. Going back 11 years in time instead of a single day, the master and the slave (hard to tell who is the master and who is the slave though) will have to figure out what the hell is going on and how to get back safely.

With Araragi trapped in an alternate timeline, this also explained indirectly why he went MIA for most of Neko White, as he isn’t even physically there to begin with. Also, the most important thing to remember actually is that Mayoi is actually the main character this arc. In a not so surprising fashion, she is also MIA just like Araragi. Ougi and Yotsugi; Araragi and Shinobu in the past; a lost Mayoi (the irony), they are all connected somehow, someway. Given 3 seemingly unrelated settings, I’m really curious to see how it all ties up.


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