Monogatari Series: Second Season 5

Monogatari Series 5 31Rogue, is that you?




Someone has been clearly reminded of X-men..To be frank this episode turned out to be a little anti-climatic as everything turned out to be fairly straightforward to understand once Hanekawa began her monologue right at the start of the episode. The other thing that irked me is the excessive use of “flashing-still-frames-filled-with-text-in-order-to-narrate-the-story-in-a-lazy-way”. If still-frames allows SHAFT to draw higher quality pictures, that’s great, but using that to display text at a rate that requires pausing to read is just..not a smart move.

All part of the family

We all know that tigers are part of the cat family, thus it is no surprise that Kako (it has a name now!) has to be related to Hanekawa somehow. All that talk about envy and fire in the previous episode now made total sense, as Kako is simply the representation of Hanekawa’s negative emotions (who burns stuff down in vengeance). I said it before that a person like Hanekawa is unlikely to exist because humans do not function that way – and now we know why she is able to remain pure despite everything that has happened to her.

Take away a person’s stress, take away their negativity, and what do you get? While it is possible for a person to put on a front, it isn’t possible for them to be truly freed of stress and negative emotions, unless they sever themselves with the aforementioned feelings. In reality it may lead to a disorder known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. In fantasy settings, an alter ego (aka another me) is usually the most common outcome, or an oddity two oddities in Hanekawa’s case. Interestingly, while Black Hanekawa acts in the best interests of her mistress, all Kako does is to go on a rampage. (Maybe cats are more intelligent than tigers?)

When it comes to dealing with the supernatural, it is always of utmost importance to know the exact origins of the oddity in question in order to “combat” it. Now that the truth behind Kako is exposed, it is time for Hanekawa (and her black counterpart) to set things right, except tigers make cats look like little kittens in terms of size and ferocity.

Saving the damsel oddity in distress

As I watched Black Hanekawa get her ass kicked while trying to talk sense (if that made sense) into Kako, I knew that it is finally time for Araragi to make his dashing entrance. Having gone MIA for the past 4 episodes without having even a single line to his name, Araragi saves the day (what’s up with his ragged appearance though?) and they lived happily ever after. If anything, I find Hanekawa’s decision to accept everything about herself more intriguing than most of the episode itself – how is she going to behave in future episodes from now on, after becoming “human” again (the irony)? It’s a pity that her confession got rejected though. Gahara wins!

In the epilogue, like a certain X-men, Hanekawa’s hair remained partially silver in the aftermath. She casually mentions that her meeting with Hachikuji was not a mere coincidence (as Mayoi is a lost snail after all). The most heart-warming part perhaps is how Hanekawa finally gets a room of her own (at her request) and how she actually uses the phrase ただいま (tadaima) to indicate that she’s home – for the very first time – signifying that she is no longer “averting her gaze” anymore.

PS:In this week’s wordplay, Kako is being described as a 萌え (moe) character due to a homonym (words that are pronounced/written the same way with different meanings) with the word 燃え (also pronounced moe).

Useless, reckless and impossible kanji forms are 無用; 無茶; and 無理 respectively. 無 itself means nothingness, emptiness, in the absence of.


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