Monogatari Series: Second Season 3

Monogatari Series 3 23Bath times are the best, aren’t they?




All talk, little action

This entire episode can probably be summed up with the above statement. Monogatari has always been infamous for being extremely dialogue-heavy (making life difficult for everyone out there); this episode proves this exact point with tons of “girls’ talk” and only a little plot development towards the end of the show. Intriguingly enough, even the OP was skipped in order for the characters more.

Anyone familiar with the Monogatari universe should know this by now – that Hanekawa is like the purest person on the entire planet. I don’t even know if such a person exists in reality, and even if they do he/she must have lived in a controlled; sheltered environment. How is it even possible for a person to be entirely positive, without any trace of darkness within their hearts? In any case, as Senjougahara notes; such a person will fail miserably simply because society doesn’t function like that, humans don’t behave like that.

Long to short, short to long

People usually only get a change of hairstyle when they either want a fresh start, or just following the current trends. NisiOisiN (author of the series) decided that it was a good idea for not one, but 5 heroines to get a new look simultaneously. That ladies and gentlemen, is the crux of this episode (this is a Gahara joke). In all seriousness, Senjogahara; Hanekawa and Karen cut their hair short (why!), whereas Kanbaru and Tsukihi seemed to have grown out theirs. I believe that means all the major heroines have made their appearances except for Nadeko (bets on new hairstyle anyone?). Changing a single characters’ looks is rare in itself, but Monogatari likes to be known for such stuff, I guess.

Following that train of thought, nothing still quite beats the notorious “toothbrush” scene in Nisemonogatari, although the bath scene(s) in MSSS are quickly catching up in terms of “what-is-ecchi-doing-here-in-my-monogatari-show-but-it-is-still-awesome-anyway”. As they say, two is better than one, therefore we get a back-to-back (pun maybe intended) bathroom scene, this one featuring the three of them in a bathtub. That’s what skin-ship means huh?

Not that I minded the fan-service at all; I’d still like the best of both worlds, if you know what I mean. Much of the episode was spent on non-crucial bits, like Senjougahara tricking convincing Karen into letting Hanekawa lodge at their place since her (faceless) father is now back. By the way, letting Hanekawa sleep in Araragi’s room (plus his pajamas) is probably an terrible awesome idea.

Short vampire meets cat

Ahhh plot development, welcome back. You too, Shinobu (she has become really talkative lately). Now separated from Araragi, the two oddities have yet another conversation about the most random of topics, such as the Terminator; Napoleon and whatnot. Even though these seemingly meaningless talks keep recurring, they are actually related to a character or a situation. Strictly speaking, while it isn’t entirely “idle chat” so to speak, it isn’t exactly worth elaborating either. The moral of the story is – humans and oddities are alike, in the sense that they talk a lot.

Towards the end of their “monsters’ talk”, they finally approach the issue at hand – the tiger which only Hanekawa and her other self could see. Araragi, who is still MIA, was supposed to meet Kanbaru at the cram school grounds. However upon arriving at the scene, the duo quickly discover that the place has been razed to the ground (not that I could tell given SHAFT’s art direction). So…Is Araragi really not going to even get a single line voiced at all? What is going on?

PS: This week’s wordplay isn’t too interesting as it doesn’t really translates smoothly into English.

PPS: There is no spoon.


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