Funan Anime Matsuri 2013

Funan Anime Matsuri 1Clearing out the backlogs, this one was held from 25.5.13-2.6.13





Even though this was a week-long “convention” so to speak, there wasn’t that much actual content as the schedule indicates (yep I know the smaller text is too blur to be read). Nonetheless, having something to go to is better than having nothing to go to, or at least that is what I think. While it was not so much about quality over quantity, having the “quantity” (aka being a week-long) works well to raise awareness and hopefully interest to the general masses.

Initially I was planning to head down on the weekend just to check things out (and take photos duh), but as I was meeting up with a friend earlier in the week I decided to just meet there too, to check out what it looks like on a weekday. As you can see, the crowd levels between a typical weekday and the weekend is like day and night. It was to be expected, since the target audience are mostly still schooling or otherwise working. Besides, only people with nothing better to do specially make the trip down (aka me).

The main “draw” of the event could be said to be several famed cosplayers from overseas on the weekends, sadly all of which I missed because I had other matters to attend to and my interest levels weren’t that high to begin with. Even so, I managed to stay awhile and listen to a local guy talk about mecha cosplay before I gotta go.

Nothing else to really add, the venue is as large as the photos indicate – a portable maid cafe; an area for playing card games (notably Vanguard); some booths selling various anime-related products, which in my opinion are still horribly overpriced (#firstworldproblems). Oh and the amount of people present during the weekend was surprisingly more than I’d expected. Guess people have nothing better to do can be that passionate after all.

FYI: The schedule can be found here.


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