Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. 12

OreimoS2 12 34My lovely Ayase couldn’t possibly be in tears..




Is it heaven? Or is it a battlefield?

No matter how you look at it, having a housewarming party with a male-female ratio of 1:6 is clearly a wonderful recipe for disaster. As always, remember to blame the guy, it’s his fault for simply existing.

Since people love to play the blame game, let us find whatever faults we can with each individual heroine to see who “wins” (or loses).

  • Manami, the crafty childhood friend – Underneath the pretext of acting like a virtuous childhood friend, Manami secretly also desires Kyousuke. The fact that she isn’t willing to get down and dirty or reveal her true intentions is the reason why Kirino dislikes this person, and why they never got along with each other all along.
  • Saori, the otaku turned oujo-sama – I blame the glasses. Ever since Saori took her glasses off, she isn’t the Saori that everyone knew. Knowing that money is power and willing to abuse that fact, she tries to buy Kyousuke over with promises of food and cleaning services. Has looks to boot, even Ayase agrees.
  • Kanako, the annoying third-party – Technically the 6th party, Kanako has always been a side character with little to no screen time, who suddenly barged in and took the stage in the span of 2 episodes. Although Kanako obviously stands no chance to begin with, she can still continue to stick around and piss the others off and be that bugger who wants to be a part of everything.
  • Kuroneko, the ex-girlfriend – I find it amusing, that the ex-girlfriend stereotypes always seem to think that they have the most authority even though there’s a huge EX written in front of their girlfriend status. Just generally speaking here.
  • Kirino, the irritated little sister – As the closest person to Kyousuke, she gets to play her trump card “little sister wins”, rendering what everyone else has to say null and void. The only drawback of using that card is acknowledging the fact that they’re siblings, hence that defeating everyone and herself in the process.
  • Ayase, the one who loves to hate – Since she’s the only one who “hates” Kyousuke, she loses by default..or not?

Wild fallen angels’ familiar appears

Whenever I think back to the main objective of Kyousuke’s exile and subsequently how each and every one of the girls want to get involved, I feel a little sad inside can’t help but face-palm a little. Life is harsh ironic, isn’t it? Think about it, here you are trying your hardest to study for your exams and there is an attractive member of the opposite sex visiting you everyday; taking care of you and stuff like that. Talk about the willpower and amount of concentration needed, especially when she’s taking a shower and the both of you are alone..Oh hi Hinata!

The misunderstanding the occurred between the two was hilarious. The comedy in Oreimo has always been spot-on and has always delivered. That said, I still found it odd that Hinata suddenly appeared out of nowhere, until the events that followed after made me realize that the comedy we’ve seen here was “intentional” – in making us lower our guards. It’s all a conspiracy theory I tell you.

I hate you

It’s no surprise that Ayase detests Kyousuke to the core, for he is a lewd; a pervert; a siscon; a pedophile; a masochist and a sexual harasser in her eyes. It’s no surprise to the viewers that on the flip-side to those negative feelings, there is the budding emotions of love that are waiting to bloom. It’s almost like a natural process where you get to understand someone for who they really are; their strengths and their weaknesses; the things they do that make you angry or laugh. I keep saying this, but it is always a thin line between hate and love after all.

The days that Ayase spent taking care of Kyousuke essentially made her develop feelings for him. The seeds of love were perhaps sown a long time ago, dating back to who knows when (aka I forgot). After realizing that Kyousuke isn’t quite the jerk that Ayase thought him to be, impressions were changed and the seeds of love started to grow.

Her confession came as a surprise for me since I thought Ayase was always meant to be a comedic relief character. I knew she was a non-factor, even if she did harbour a one-sided crush for Kyousuke, but to think that she would get her own dramatic confession scene? I am impressed.

What’s even more impressive is probably how well-executed the entire scene was. The timing was right – in the sense that it came after Kyousuke’s examinations and before he was about to vacate the apartment. The lack of background music before transitioning into a melancholic piano piece, matches the sombre occasion. The lines and the interaction between the two weren’t corny at all (save for the part where Kyousuke thought Ayase wanted to kick him). It ended with a goodbye kiss, absolutely bittersweet. Seriously many shows and TV dramas could use a lesson or two on how to move your viewers. It’s not purely about shedding tears and crying (although it helps).

In the end, while I really like Ayase as a character, it was clear who the real contenders are in the first place (aka K&K). While I vaguely know how the series is going to end, I’m still not sure on how exactly is it going to end that way. With Kyousuke manning up and rejecting Ayase because there is someone whom he loves (despite the death threats), the chances of a non-conclusive ending is slim, or at least I hope so.


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