Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. 11

OreimoS2 11 35My little sister show couldn’t possibly be this vulgar?




Busted and Banished

One could say that the Kousaka siblings have gotten closer to each other, after their various trials and tribulations. This occurrence hasn’t gone unnoticed under the watchful eyes of their parents, who caught them red-handed. Worried that Kyousuke has been doing “strange” stuff to Kirino (how terrible), Kyousuke has been disowned booted out of the house in order for him to repent focus on his upcoming mock examination – taking the “out of sight, out of mind” approach.

Honestly, living alone isn’t such a bad deal after all, considering that it is a trade between freedom and loneliness. However, Kyousuke being popular and all (with the opposite sex too), can’t help but receive visitors one after the other, thus defeating the purpose of being exiled in the first place. Not to mention Manami, decided to be a nice childhood friend busybody and host a housewarming party for him.

Since Kirino is the closest person to Kyousuke (in more ways than one), she drew first blood by being the first to drop by. Kirino being an inconsiderate brat Kirino, lends her brother a highly popular visual dating sim for Kyousuke to “enjoy” during his breaks/free time. Why thank you Kirino, that is certainly most helpful. If you know what I mean.

There’s no way Kirino could be an otaku?

For some unknown; illegitimate reason, Kanako also decided that she should drop by because she had nothing better to do wanted to improve her family ties by getting better at cooking, hence getting Kyousuke to be her scapegoat. Like a girlfriend ransacking her boyfriend’s room in search for incriminating evidence, Kanako discovers a fearsome object.

“What’s this?” “A game.” “What’s she doing?” “Eating a sausage.” That’s what he said. That was so gold. Although Kyousuke had his poker face on while answering Kanano; no matter how hard he tried to disguise it though, it wasn’t going to fool anyone (except 3 year-olds). The misunderstanding arose when Kanako knew Kyousuke had a younger sister and caught him with a little sister eroge. Assumptions were made by Kanako; Kyousuke tried to dispel those by claiming he was “framed” and somehow Kanako believed Kyousuke – based on the notion that there was no way Kirino could have such interests. Seems legit?

When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object

Have you ever met someone for the first time and disliked them immensely, even though you don’t exactly know why? I’m sure we’ve all been through similar situations and thus will be able to relate to the fated meeting showdown between Ayase, who by the way brought a knife (as a housewarming gift) and Kuroneko. It even feels weird that we’re almost at the end of S2 and yet this is only the second time that they have bumped into each other. No matter, their meeting was merely an inevitability; sparks were almost bound to fly. This was by far one of my favourite scenes so far in Oreimo, as I knew the two eventually had to duke it out – chuunibyou style. While Kyousuke emerged the biggest loser (remember to always blame the guy), us viewers are the biggest winners.

“Your good friends might give you advice, your best friends will accept you for who you are.” That said, Kuroneko is the type of person who will accept Kirino and Kyousuke even if the both of them are into ****** (that word was also censored in the episode, but I’m sure anyone can probably figure it out). For Kuroneko to be this uncouth, it shocked not just Ayase and Kyousuke, but even Kuroneko herself (thanks to Kyousuke).

The most important thing to take away is perhaps Kyousuke’s affirmation that he will not go out with anyone until he has settled his score issue with Kirino. The final stage is about set, only 2 episodes to go. If only I wasn’t spoiled about the series ending..

PS: Everyone should be afraid when Ayase enters SEED mode.


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