Monogatari Series: Second Season 2

Monogatari Series 2 6Good lord, I can see the light…




These goggles, they do something

“Please continue to support us by buying our discs.” We asked for the shower scene that SHAFT teased at last episode, we got what we wanted. It started with some silhouettes, then some bubbles; then blinding light descended. SHAFTED? Pretty much. Buy the discs people and share the love.

Now an interesting proposition came up while I was “re-watching” the overly censored brightened scene. “Is this a great way to tell a story?” Because I’m pretty sure that the viewer’s attention is definitely going to be diverted (though there’s not much to actually see), hence they might not be paying attention to the subtitles/dialogue that is being narrated at the moment. Not that Hanekawa’s monologue contained anything worth bringing up.

Very Punny

The wordplay and puns in Monogatari once again make their appearance. Explaining them though isn’t going to be very effective because..the nuances aren’t the same when translated into another language.

In the first occasion, Senjougahara calls Hanekawa a “down feather” when inviting her to sleep together. This stems from swapping a character in Hanekawa’s name from 羽川 to 羽毛. Why a down feather? Because it is related to pillows and Senjougahara clearly wanted to hug her like a dakimakura.

The next example, Senjougahara notes that the kanji for bean sprout is written as 萌やし (I believe it is usually just written in hiragana though). In particular, we all know what 萌 (moe) means on its own, so I won’t go into the meaning of that word (Google if you don’t). In that sense, due to the inherent meaning of 萌, she sarcastically jokes that it made them taste better to her after discovering that fact.

That said, I don’t really know if I managed to convey the meanings across well enough. Again, I’m not a native speaker (meaning I might not understand/pick up on every single little thing) and stuff like these tend to lose some of their shine when translated into another language. I might consider explaining these puns/wordplay when if and when they do pop up, depending on their “difficulty” level. At the very least I hope this has been informative for those people who are totally lost when it comes to them.

PS: Bonus tongue twister featuring Black Hanekawa and Araragi from Bakemonogatari.

Black Hanekawa Purretty Purrease

Did I miss the memo? I thought Black Hanekawa met her end in Neko Black? Not like it really mattered anyway. The fire that burnt Hanekawa’s house down plus bumping into the tiger oddity earlier was apparently enough to cause sufficient stress such that Black Hanekawa could once again manifest herself.

Instead of attacking humans like she previously did, Black Hanekawa decided to seek out the final boss source of her mistress’s stress – Mr Tiger. The two shared a short exchange of words – none of which gave away too much except that Hanekawa saw the tiger and that is all that matters. At this point there are still more questions than answers when it comes to the grand scheme of this arc, so I’m not going to play the guessing game, at least not now.

Salad, fried eggs, bread and you

Earlier on in the episode, Senjougahara notes that Hanekawa and her share similar tastes in food and in guys because Hanekawa found her cooking tasty. At first that seemed to be the case until Senjougahara also notes that Hanekawa does not use any form of seasoning/flavouring when it comes to her food choices.

After further questioning from Senjougahara, she found out that Hanekawa pretty much accepts things as they are, hence there is no need for the soy sauce in sushi or even sugar in her coffee. This changes things entirely, because now the both of them don’t actually “share” the same tastes. Because Hanekawa and the word “anything” go hand in hand, their taste in food/guys no longer overlap, but rather one envelops the other.

Ultimately, the discussion about food was merely a distraction, as the Senjougahara poses the main question: “If Hanekawa is such an easygoing person, is her love for Araragi real?” Because it could well be anyone and Araragi happens to conveniently be there for her. How will Hanekawa react? #shotsfired


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