Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. 10

OreimoS2 10 21My little sister show couldn’t be this censored!




Forget about the glorious return of Ayase. Forget about Kanako (Yukarin!). Forget about Kyousuke in a suit, Kirino in a wedding dress. It’s a freaking bicycle that radiates on its own! Is this some next-level marketing tactic? Or a parody? Or studios sinking to a new low? You decide. Censors are predominately found in fan-service heavy/ecchi shows to get people to buy the uncensored DVD/BR discs, whereas normal shows don’t have such a “luxury”, apart from the general increase in animation quality. Needless to say I’m pretty bemused by the fact that even Oreimo has something shiny going for it. Remind me when the discs do come out. (I’m just curious, I swear!)

Thieving cat out, Ayase-sama in

Ayase is back, with a vengeance. After getting relegated to the sidelines in favour of advancing the plot with the main heroines, Ayase makes her triumphant return after defeating the thieving black cat. After the previous episode’s climatic showdown between K&K, people were on the edge of their seats, wondering if their respective faction would win (I made that up). Point being, a romcom wouldn’t be called a romcom if it was all serious business, no fun and games allowed. Besides that, how can anyone dislike Ayase, seriously.

Moving along, Ayase is sure an angry person huh? Not so much about Kyousuke’s “sexual harassment“, more about the notion that Kyousuke + girlfriend = distance between him and Kirino = bad for Ayase. Wait what, I’m not making much sense out of that equation, or how Ayase got upset at Kyousuke  (again) because it wasn’t her fault that he broke up with Kuroneko. My head hurts just trying to figure this girl out.

Also, I have to admit that I actually forgotten the events that transpired between Kyousuke and her in S1, therefore I’m guessing that it has something to do with Ayase asking Kyousuke to pretend to be her manager infront of Kanako in order to impress her or something along those lines. Even though Kyousuke has made up with Ayase, I hope that their harassment-hate relationship continues – because it is way too entertaining and I don’t wanna see it end just because they finally got friendly with each other.

The great escape

The entirety of the second half made it seem like I was watching some 1990’s love drama where the male lead barges into a wedding ceremony and yelling “I OBJECT!!” before running away with the bride. Exaggerations aside, it did almost seem that way, given how there was even a elopement a ride in the sunset. The weapon of choice for the romantic getaway between the two is none other than a bicycle. Not just any bicycle mind you, it blinds onlookers and/or creeps them out. Don’t judge them!

Still, I have to applaud Kyousuke for his commitment level, his siscon power level is well over 900. I’m not even fully joking here, cycling up that kind of slope is no easy task alone, now add in a pillion rider and the return trip, even Lance Armstrong would be proud. #Differencebetweenfictionandreality

Oddly enough the end point of this episode seemed didn’t quite feel like one. I mean, aren’t they in the middle of a concert? Emphasis on the word “middle”. Only one way to find out if there is any significant purpose in ending the episode like that.

PS: Speaking of marketing tactics, even ClariS (singers of Oreimo OP) got several mentions throughout the episode. Or am I watching some form of animeception now?


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