Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. 9

OreimoS2 9 36Yep, my little sister couldn’t possibly be this cute..




A better fairy tale drama than Cinderella

Remember the girl who said: “let’s break up” out of the blue? Remember that very same girl who not only refuses to pick up your call afterwards, but also transferred schools and moved out? Remember how she suddenly appeared in your life and left like a storm? Disappearing without a trace, as if everything was just a dream? No? That’s fine because I do not know anyone like that either. For the first few minutes I thought that I was watching some TV drama, considering that the sudden turn of events seem to happen all the time (where did all the creativity go). Make no mistake, Kuroneko did something David Copperfield would be proud of – vanishing into thin air.

Dejected and desperate, Kyousuke in a reversal of roles, turned to Kirino for advice..or should I say comfort? The conclusion was simple, either forget about everything and start life anew or find Kuroneko and kill get her to spill the beans. Of course, if Kuroneko had really wanted to totally remove herself from the picture, she could have done so (meaning to say that she wouldn’t have told Kirino her current whereabouts).

Public drama best drama?

I don’t get why people choose to argue in public, perhaps their emotions got the better of them in the heat of the moment, but still.. Not that I mind popping some corn should I witness one – I just would rather settle private affairs in a private place.

Anyway, the confrontation between Kuroneko and Kirino was a lengthy one. Naturally Kirino was pissed because not only did Kuroneko leave without a word (not literally speaking), she also hurt both the Kousaka siblings in the process. So the biggest question to ask is: “why did Kuroneko go AWOL?”

It was already evident in the previous episode, that Kirino was uncomfortable with the two of them going out. Don’t ask me why (at least not now), because it just turned out like that. As a result, it kinda pained Kuroneko to see Kirino acting like that – being dishonest with herself just because it is the “right” thing to do. In Kuroneko’s own words, it wasn’t the “ideal world” that she was looking for. Kuroneko rather had Kirino come to terms with her own feelings rather than to continue treading on thin ice.

As for Kuroneko’s “disappearance act”, it turned out to be nothing more than a giant fake-out, not that I didn’t see it coming from a mile away.

A thin line between love and hate

In her confessional outburst, Kirino hates her brother, she really does and there is no doubt about that. But as they say “there is no love without hate and no hate without love”. To be frank I find it a little awkward for both of them to be saying: “I don’t you to be attached” and nothing more. Us viewers should know by now the underlying meaning behind that statement, yet Kirino and Kyousuke are both unaware of their innermost feelings. To make matters worse spicier, Kuroneko has no intentions of backing off after revising her battle plan.

Kyousuke’s woes dilemma continues. Kirino doesn’t want him to get a girlfriend, Kuroneko clearly has something up her catty sleeves and Kyousuke himself can’t decide like a typical male protagonist. In my opinion, staying single having the best of both worlds is the way to go, right?

PS: Kuroneko dressed up as a black cat. Oh how ironic delightful.


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