Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. 8

OreimoS2 8 9It looks like someone took some cosplay lessons from Haganai’s Kobato (seewhatididthere).



So..Kirino gets more worked up over Kyousuke getting ran over by a car getting some scratches rather than the fact that he was dating Kuroneko. Seems legit! And how did those injuries even happen, perhaps Kyousuke had a rough (pun intended) day out there?

This episode came off to me much like a “dummies guide to dating”, with step by step instructions to follow. Seems legit.

Step one: Go out on a date. Holding hands optional/recommended. Cosplay optional/not recommended.

Well duh. You don’t even have to be a couple to go out on a date for that matter. I’m not sure what’s up with Kuroneko (maybe influenced by Kobato), but I were Kyousuke I would have pretended not to know her, or at least asked her to get a change of attire. Don’t get me wrong, cosplay is great – just that there always an appropriate time and place for such stuff. In any case I award Kuroneko A for Attitude; B for Bravery; C for Cute; D for Determination; E for Effort and M for Moe.

Some technicalities: A date means interaction. Interaction leads to better understanding, leading to stronger bonds and therefore essential in maintaining a healthy relationship.

Tip: Less shopping and more home-cooked meals scores bonus points. This is universally true for all cases.

Step two: Meet the parents session Invite partner over to house.

I get it, we all get it. Couples want their moment of intimacy privacy. Be it for watching TV or playing games or whatever. Just make sure to keep the doors locked bribe them into disappearing for the required amount of time or things could turn awkward. Maybe awkward wasn’t the best choice of word in this particular situation, because it was certainly more funny watching Hinata put on her troll face and tease both Kuroneko and Kyousuke, having caught them in the act – one watching TV while the other took a shower. (I find it amusing that Hana Kana also voices Hinata, much like talking to yourself in a different pitched voice).

Tip: It is always important to remember that there is a difference between fiction and reality. Your mileage may vary.

Step three: ???

To be frank, I kinda saw it coming. The title of the episode, the various foreshadowing moments. Sometimes the men don’t get it. In Kyousuke’s eyes, everything is fine. Their relationship is progressing smoothly as there were no quarrels or hiccups. So what exactly went “wrong”?

I’m no expert when it comes to affairs of the heart, so I’m mostly guessing here (eating humble pie). Call it a women’s instinct; their sixth sense; or even plain paranoia, from Kuroneko’s point of view, something felt missing. It is not easy to put such a feeling into words, but sometimes you just know that it won’t work out, you don’t know how you know, but you just do.

From my perspective, the relationship between the two is sort of obvious. One that of like and the other that of love. They may be similar in nature, but there is a subtle difference between the two. Simply put, while Kuroneko loves Kyousuke, the same can’t be said the other way round. Again, these sort of feelings are never in black and white, but in a shade of grey. It can’t be seen, only felt.

I find it even ironical that the ending scene featured fireworks. Fireworks are the epitome of something that is absolutely stunning yet ephemeral. The relationship between the two are just like the fireworks that they watched together – beautiful yet short-lived.

Poor Kyousuke, perhaps he didn’t quite get the memo, which is hardly surprising considering how oblivious he can be at times. He might not have realized what has truly transpired but I’m sure he will, eventually.


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