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Works in progressHere we go again, same old !@#$ again.







In my previous update, I did mention that there were a lot of personal stuff happening behind the scenes in the past couple of months. Now I feel that it is time to share the fruits of my labour and more importantly what to expect in the upcoming months ahead.

The room

As you can see in the first picture above, that was my first shipment which arrived in late May. Since then, 10 more boxes of various sizes have arrived and I had to shed much blood sweat in setting everything up. Long story short, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.Figurines 1Figurines 2There has been some additions and adjustments since these pictures were taken, but it gives you a rough idea of how much work was involved (not to mention the shelves had to be cleared and cleaned beforehand).

The battlefield workspace

The newIn other (old) news, I’ve also went ahead and refurnished my workspace. This includes a new desk; computer chair (Herman Miller Aeron); PC; monitor; speakers; keyboard and mouse. Essentially everything in other words. It was about damn time anyway considering my previous PC is now more than 4 years old.The oldHealth is wealth

IPPT 2013Last but not least, I’ve also got a fitness test to clear, and the deadline was 3rd July. So I barely made it through by the skin of my teeth (2 seconds more for the 2.4km run and I would have missed out on silver). For the record I exercise semi-regularly, so I didn’t have to train extra hard to clear the test, but it wasn’t a walk in the park either.

Cool story bro, what’s next?

Now that the dust has mostly settled down. It is time for me to focus my attention on the remaining half of 2013. I know my blogging has pretty much stalled due to the aforementioned points (and mostly being lazy), I have no real excuses to make – except that I rather get these loose ends tied up now so that I can fully focus on “reviving” this site. I’m really tempted to say that it can’t be helped, but honestly I haven’t been putting 100% effort into maintaining this site. However, that is about to change, slowly but surely. Onto the main gist of this post:

Outlook for the next ~3 months

  • Anime blogging schedule – At the time of writing this, the only show that I have any interest in covering is Monogatari Series: Second Season – mostly due to backlog factors and other real-life priorities. However, since Monogatari is running for two-cours, I’m a little hesitant in fully committing to it. I’ll probably take a step-by-step approach so don’t expect too much out of this one. Again, due to backlog factors and whatnot, there won’t be any first episode impressions that I usually do for shows that I find worth mentioning. However, I will be posting a season review sometime after all the Spring shows have finished airing.
  • Backlog – By going “light” this season. I am seriously hoping to clear up all my backlog to prevent them from snowballing even further. Again, I’m well aware that they are no longer “fresh”, but for the sake of completion I will be playing the catchup game, once again.
  • Site refocus/transition – I did mention this a couple of times in the past, but I will do so again anyway. I’ve always wanted to shift the focus of this site away from specifically episodic anime blogging, to other stuff such as event/convention coverage; editorials/opinions. In short, less on episodic blogging, more on everything else. While I wouldn’t say that I’m loosing interest in anime blogging, I just find that the time spent on anime blogging could be better channeled into other areas that might be of interest. As you might already know, keeping up with shows weekly isn’t quite my forte. Personally I have no issues with blogging on a weekly basis – just that it becomes hard to do so when my current schedule has been unpredictable and will continue to be the case for the next couple of months.
  • Streaming – By having a faster and more powerful PC, I have some plans to start streaming game content sometime within the near future, more will be revealed at an appropriate time.

Closing thoughts/words

To summarize – this season I’m mainly looking to clear my backlog and execute the ideas that have been sitting at the back of my head. I won’t ask that you “look forward to it”, but rather if you “like what you’ve seen so far or otherwise wish to support me”, stay tuned (or check back every once in a while).

PS: I don’t like doing shameless plugs but I might as well from now on, so here goes! Follow me on twitter for new posts/updates and other random stuff (——>). Or you can simply subscribe/follow the site itself through RSS/WordPress. I might not say it but I would deeply appreciate it, as it goes a long way and serves as a source of motivation for me.


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