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TuturuI’ve been “busy”.







First of all, I apologize for the lack of updates, I thought that I might as well do what I have to do until I had the time to properly sit down and churn this post out.

The story that you didn’t know
To give you an idea of how delayed this post was, the two images you see in this post were dated 13/19 April – meaning that I already had the intentions to do a status update post since then. Needless to say, I’ve planned to work on this update sometime in the beginning of May, a month which I originally had quite a bit of spare time. But alas, I decided to use that spare time to do other stuff, slowly one thing lead to another, and you can probably figure out the rest yourself.

I’ll be slightly more specific. While I have been tidying/reorganizing my room sometime earlier this year, one fine day I decided to just go the full mile and do a near-total revamp. While that may sound like it’s an easy task on paper, in reality it simply isn’t due to the amount of objects (and dust) that have slowly piled up over the years. Long story short, there was much cleaning to be done, “junk” to be discarded. And this led to the next thing.

Why did I suddenly do that? It wasn’t merely some spur of the moment decision, but rather something that I had to do eventually, sooner or later. (Spring cleaning was something that I have put off time and time again, year after year). So rather than leave it till god knows when, I decided: “if not now, then when?” That wasn’t only the sole reason though.

Recently I have started on a new hobby – figure collecting. That was the other main reason – I needed the space in order to achieve a brand new look for my room, which included a couple of detolf shelves (IKEA glass display cabinet). This topic alone is more than enough for me to write a full-length post on, so once again I’ll cut it short. Being a total newbie to the scene, there was much homework that was needed to be done in order for me to catch up to current times. Doing research + stalking auction pages took pretty much the bulk of my last month’s time. Right now it is still a “work in progress” (meaning no pictures), but I’m slowly reaching the stage where I want to be at – which is getting my “main army” set up and leaving only minimal camping and preorders left.

Another matter that I’ve been putting off for a while now – getting a new PC. Without going too much into the specifics, my PC is currently 4 years-old, in terms of technological advancements it is as good as being back in the stone ages. Thus, I have been on the slow hunt to replace everything (mouse/keyboard/monitor/speakers/etc) at one go. Again, this means I have to do some research and whatnot since it is always better to get your PC custom-made as it is much more value for money. Within the next two days I will be getting a brand new setup and guess what – that means more time required to set everything up and get everything going.

Lastly, you might have noticed that based on the two paragraphs above, that sounds like a **** ton of money, because it is. We’re talking about thousands of dollars here, and that leads me to my final point. Money, or earning money to be exact. I fully understand that in order to sustain and prepare for the future, I’m going to need money, which translates into finding a job. Now, I haven’t found a suitable one yet, but everyone knows how soul time-consuming jobs are, so that means even less time in the future. Finally, this leads us to the big burning question..Makise Kurisu Chibi

What does it mean for the future of this site?

In the end, excuses might be excuses, but I won’t deny that my priorities have shifted the past month or so. I haven’t given up on this site, nor do I have any intentions of doing so. It is just that while I’m caught up in real-world affairs, some other areas have to be sacrificed as a result in order to compensate. And unfortunately this starts with the things that we do in our free time – or me writing here.

Let’s put it into perspective – I’m barely keeping up with the shows that I’m watching this season (I knew watching this much would backfire someday). Well, if I’m not finding the time to watch the shows on a weekly basis, let’s not even talk about finding the time to blog about them. One might have realized that the posts as of late have been shorter than usual, for one it is mostly due to the lack of time that I have, but also because I wanted to cut down unnecessary “chatter” and focus on the main plot points.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, episodic blogging requires commitment on a weekly basis (in a 3 month cycle) and the best part about it is the snowball effect – if you don’t clear your weekly “quota”, everything starts to pile up. I’ve been in this situation before and I know of only two options, the first to simply invest more time in order to get back on track – a luxury that I cannot afford at the moment.

Throughout all this time I have been thinking on how should I handle my ever-growing backlog as well as the direction that this site should take given all the recent changes. It is not an easy decision to make as I dislike doing a half-assed job and leaving anything incomplete. But after weighing my options the choice is painful but obvious.

With effect from today, I’m dropping putting an indefinite hold on all my anime backlogs, meaning that episodes 9-22 of Psycho-Pass, 14-17 of Kokoro Connect and F/Z 24-25 will be in limbo for an eternity. I may do Kokoro Connect and F/Z “someday” since I do have the episodes on my hard-disk, but given the fact that they are no longer fresh/relevant, that prospect will remain unlikely, though not impossible.

As for the current season shows Oreimo/Railgun/Henneko, I’m still not too sure on how I should deal with them. I could either drop all backlogged episodes and just continue on the current episode, though that would seem odd/incomplete and make little sense to do so. The other alternative would be for me to drop one of them (that being Henneko) and hopefully get back to speed for the remaining two. The last resort is to drop everything and focus on a brand new start next season, because the chances of backlogs snowballing is rather high. Right now I think dropping Henneko is the least of three evils – I will have to  spend a little more time to think about this one.

I know it’s a bit too early to say it now, but I’ll do so anyway. In my mind, I really do have lots of content planned, partially in an attempt to transition away from anime and partially because I do have other interests in life and I would like to talk about them. Whether these thoughts/topics of mine can come into fruition, is entirely another subject. I know I have been repeating myself ever since last year, the truth of the matter is that I have been wanting to transition this site into not just an anime blog, but something more.

In order to do so, I felt that I had to get all the loose ends tied up so that I can fully concentrate on getting the job done here. Instead of doing it later, I have decided to do what needed to be done now. That being said, the dust hasn’t quite settled, I still have a couple more issues to settle and whatnot. I’m not asking everyone to get their hopes up, because I know that talk is cheaper than action. When the time is right, it will be ready, eventually.

The ultimate purpose of me telling you all this is to give you some notion of what has been going on and my thought processes behind them. Until the time comes where I can dedicate more time into running this site and make a full transition, it will always be a side project. I’m just being realistic here, after all I’m a relative nobody, therefore it isn’t a good move to commit too much – when at times effort is worth nothing until it achieves results. On the flip side, I have never given up either, it’s all about finding the right balance.

Indeed, it’s all about finding the right balance..


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