Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. 7





Curse, or blessing?

Oh Kuroneko, I’ll gladly bear any curse, because it certainly seems more like a blessing to me. I don’t know how many guys out there would willingly spend their all of their good karma to be on the receiving end of a confession like Kuroneko’s, but let’s just say it is almost like a fantasy come true – especially considering that it is usually the guys who take the initiative. I know this is a work of fiction, but having a girl like Kuroneko, along with her qualities (cause she’s no Kirino), confess to Kyousuke makes it look like a swan lusting after a toad – as ridiculous as it sounds. Of course, such fairy tales have happened in real life and will continue to happen, on the other hand the chances of it actually happening to oneself is remotely close to 1%. Well, at least we can all dream about it, or continue to wish for it to happen someday, somehow.

Kyousuke might be pathetic, especially whenever Kirino is concerned, at least he hasn’t turned into a completely spineless coward, yet. Before he gave his answer, I kept thinking that if he was going to reject Kuroneko, he would certainly gain at least one more “hater”, while slapping the a label of “the biggest loser” all over himself.

Yes, I do. But what’s next?

Thankfully, I heaved a sigh of relief internally when Kyousuke said yes, because 99.98% of guys in his shoes would have done the same thing. After all, there is actually no real reason to say no either. While he might not have outright feelings of love for Kuroneko, she’s the type of person who is all but detestable, and who can really say no to that? However, the next question quickly presented itself: “What’s the next step to take?”

While watching the interactions between Kuroneko and Kyousuke after they’ve officially started dating, I can’t help but wonder whether if such a situation is realistic or not. Logically speaking, it doesn’t make a lot of sense – I mean, it is like second nature when it comes to such matters, right? Unfortunately, trying to be logical, when love itself is illogical (or so they say), isn’t very logical in itself (logic-ception). For Kuroneko, her ecstatic feelings were to be expected, seeing as to how she was partially prepared to face the possibility of a “no” or “not yet” – it is Kyousuke we’re talking about here. For Kyousuke, it is pretty obvious that he isn’t quite in love yet, or at least the reality hasn’t quite sunk in for him yet. It felt like he said “yes” for the sake of not saying “no”, if you know what I mean.

I guess it comes down to “why not give it a shot, if it works great, if not then too bad” kind of mentality where Kyousuke is concerned, and it isn’t exactly illogical of him to think that way. It’s not like there is anyone out there that he particularly likes (minus his obsession with Kirino), so why not be a yes-man rather than a no-man? That being said, is it natural for him to be clueless when it comes to making the next move?

Going back to the episode itself, if the first half of the episode can be said to focus on the romantic aspect of the series, then the latter half is all about the comedy, which delivered. With the relationship-chart settling down for now, there were many hilarious moments which goes to show why Oreimo has always been the forerunner when it comes to the RomCom genre. I’m not even factoring other points such as production values (gotta love how A1 never fails to emphasize on the extra eye movement for Kuroneko to portray her embarrassment), or how this anime touches on anime elements. At its heart, the comedy has always been gold (though some people genuinely loathe Kirino and her antics), the romance department has definitely started to pick up rapidly in season two.

It goes without saying that couples (especially new ones) go on a date. I don’t really need to explain more here, do I? With Kuroneko getting the short end of the stick in terms of appearances in the first few episodes, I’m really glad that she’s finally getting her turn in the spotlight. Somehow I have a feeling that this is just the calm before the storm though..


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