Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S 6

RailgunS 6 11I can see them..




I see dead people

Power corrupts, but having absolute power is kinda neat. Even though Mikoto is the #3 ranked Level 5 in Academy City, not even her signature move was enough to put a single scratch on Accelerator. the strongest ESPer of them all. The disparity in their powers is so overwhelmingly huge, to the point where it feels unfair to even classify them together as Level 5s. It certainly begs the question: “If Accelerator is already the strongest, why does he still seek more, even at the expense of shedding blood?” The answer to that would only be revealed towards the end of the arc, or at least that is what I remember.

I don’t know about you, but I was doing some math in my head during the episode. If roughly 10,000 Sisters were killed thus far, how many Sisters does Accelerator actually kill per day? Just think about it, 10,000 is an awful lot, considering that there is only 365 days in a year.

I got soul but I’m not a soldier

The Sisters themselves are still a hot point of contention – can they actually be classified as a proper human being?

The answer to that varies from one person to the other. When Mikoto discovers that the Sisters themselves have no actual individualism (or will) of their own, she “abandoned” the idea of saving them from their cruel fate. The opposite can be said for Nunotaba, whom initially saw the Sisters as no more than guinea pigs, until the dialogue that occurred on the rooftop where she came to a realization – from another perspective, the Sisters were still more human than the rest of them. Sure, they might not have complete mental capabilities unlike that of a normal human, but does that really make them any less human, apart from the fact that they probably aren’t too good with emotions. For the masterminds behind the project, it can be said they were doing this “for science”, for Accelerator, it can be said that he was doing the dirty work for his own selfish agenda. From that very same perspective, they too are less human than the clones.

Ultimately, the Sisters might have artificial bodies and heart, but even then they might be able to attain this intangible object known as a “soul”.

You reap what you sow

Some people like to call it Karma, I simply call it cause and effect. Once Mikoto got tricked into giving up her DNA map, that was the seed (of evil) that she sowed, and now that decision is coming back to haunt her. It started with the now-cancelled Radio Noise project, which in turn gave birth to the Level 6 Shift project. Again, Mikoto could’ve just turned a blind eye and resumed her daily routine, thankfully she isn’t the type of person who would do so. Change what you can’t accept, accept what you can’t change. With the power to actually do something about it, Mikoto steels her resolve and seeks to right the wrong.


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