Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. 6

OreimoS2 6 32This gonna be good.




Hindsight might be 20/20, but I should’ve totally seen it coming. Someday I’ll stop speculating, someday..

What more can I ask for?

That’s the question I asked myself. Let me run through a short checklist here to show you what I mean:

  • Lovely yandere Ayase, courtesy of episode 2.
  • Dere passive aggressive Kuroneko, courtesy of episode 1.
  • Saori who actually took her glasses off (albeit for a couple of seconds) courtesy of episode 3.
  • Good old Kirino with her (upgraded) 95% tsun 5% dere that we love to hate, courtesy of.. just about every episode.
  • Bonus: Drunken dad.

This episode took the best bits of the earlier episodes and combined it into one, and that is just icing on top of the cake. There was drama to be had, confessions made as if they took no courage at all to muster. Speaking of cake, there is cake too, though some say the cake is a lie.

Although I wouldn’t mind having more of Ayase, she’s still pretty much a comic relief character, because there is absolutely no way that she’d ever let Kirino go out with anyone without her blessings knowing.

The only other possibility

At the end of the previous episode, the situation made it seemed like Kirino bumped into her boyfriend who didn’t know about her hobby. However I neglected to account for the other likely scenario, which totally happened. If the signs weren’t obvious enough with the previous episode, this episode too had many not-so-subtle hints of it coming. In the end, there’s no way Kirino could actually have a boyfriend (for more reasons than one), thus this Mikagami dude was nothing more than a puppet in Kirino’s attempt to spite Kyousuke, as strange as that sounded.

First, let’s talk about the signs – namely Kuroneko’s aggressiveness (or the lack thereof), which incited Kirino’s jealousy, evident by her stares throughout the course of both this and the previous episode. While I expected the drama to happen eventually, I was surprised that it actually happened this quickly, first with Kuroneko’s unabashed confession (why you make her do this Kyousuke), triggering Kirino to go on her own offensive.

What this whole drama-rama boils down to is as simple as two girls vying for Kyousuke’s “attention”, though the methods that they use are completely opposite in nature. Although Kirino didn’t outright admit it – without care and concern, there wouldn’t be jealousy, without jealousy, she wouldn’t have bothered to go to such lengths to piss Kyousuke off. While the tension seems to have settled down on an amicable note for now between the three of them, Kuroneko decides to strike first, if an indirect confession isn’t enough, make it a direct one. If that is still lacking, ask the other party out. Consider that a love lesson taught.


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