Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. 5

OreimoS2 5 28The moral(s) of the story for this episode is simple.




Lesson #1: Don’t ask your brother to act as your boyfriend

Awkward. There is no better word to describe Kirino’s decision in asking Kyousuke to pretend to be her beau – in her efforts to discourage some modelling agency scouter. There are a thousand and one different excuses to give, but out of all options Kirino had to go down the boyfriend route, and on top of that, getting Kyousuke out of all guys in the entire world.

Whether their lovey-dovey love-hate relationship managed to fool the scout, or Kanako, or anyone for that matter, is up to you to decide. Despite the clear awkwardness in their interactions (while considering Kyousuke is a self-confessed siscon), everyone seemed to give them the benefit of the doubt. The irony may be strong here, but I found it amusing that on the exact day that the Kousaka siblings decide to go on a date in order to “convince” the scout (who was nowhere to be seen in the first place), they bumped into multiple people whom they both knew – it’s a small world after all? Be thankful that Ayase didn’t catch wind of this.

At the end of their pseudo date (anyone of them could’ve just stayed at home), it is “revealed” that Kirino actually has a “real” boyfriend, a notion which is strong enough to cause unrest in Kyousuke, so much so that he has to ask Kuroneko’s opinion about that matter. Of course the ever-so-subtle Kuroneko replies that she’d be glad if that were the case, indirectly implying that she has feelings for Kyousuke, hence she would be pleased once Kirino got out of the picture between the both of them.

Lesson #2: Sometimes no cosplay is the best cosplay

Maybe I’m not too huge of a fan for goth loli outfits, but oh god did Shiro Kuroneko look so much more appealing in her white one-piece dress. In what seemed to be a random anime version of the real-life event known as Comiket, let’s just say everything happens for a reason – aka wait for the plot twist to happen.

Before that though, the whole Comiket affair gave some insight as to how the largest doujinshi (self-published) comic fair operated. Apart from the fact that there should be way more people at the venue, Kuroneko did a good job in summing up the reason why people continue to produce doujinshi works – it isn’t all about the money, but rather the satisfaction gained from creating your own comic/fan-fiction and (hopefully) watching the fruits of your labour get appreciated by others. Don’t get me wrong, some of the better known groups/circles sell out insanely quickly, proving that there is in fact actually demand if you’re an established name within the community. Getting there, is entirely another story though.

A wild boyfriend appears?

When Kirino said that she had a “real” boyfriend, I thought that she said that in order to mess around with Kyousuke (it is super effective). From Kirino’s reaction and the looks of it, that guy is indeed Kirino’s boyfriend, one who doesn’t know of Kirino’s true hobby that is. While I could be totally wrong about my guess, I have to say that given the conjuncture, it certainly is the most likely case. But..

There’s no way my little sister could have such a boyfriend, right? I mean, Kirino should have better taste than that, no?


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