Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. 4

OreimoS2 4 10Lolicon? Siscon?




I probably don’t need to explain this, but I might as well do so anyway. The con in lolicon/siscon is a short form for the word complex – meaning to say that the person has a complex (thing/fetish) for whatever that may be.

Why not have the best of both worlds?

I don’t know what is up with these “being seen naked” scenes but, the natural reaction one would take isn’t going to be screaming and then slapping the other party. How do I know? Common sense (and no this did not happen to me ever, unlucky or not is for you to decide ).

Ria (Kido Ibuki), flew all the way from the States just to get her revenge on Kirino – whom she lost to at a running competition. I don’t know what to feel about that..some people do have noting better to do apart from running (and revenge), like Ria I guess? Exhibiting the behavior of a true little sister, it is about damn time that Kirino got a taste of her own medicine, except once again poor Kyosuke bore the brunt as usual. As expected of the guy who brazenly admitted to being a siscon (I still can’t believe he said it, on impulse or not), why not take it a step further? The race itself seemed to last for an eternity, considering that (I believe) a 100 metre sprint takes at most ~12 seconds for competitive athletes like Ria and Kirino. I thought Kirino was gonna win after Kyousuke’s outburst, but hey realism over such a cliche move like that? I’d take that.

Welcome Japan, episode thoughts and impressions

AKI-HA-BA-RA! Welcome back. One of the “side bonuses” in Oreimo is the prominence of anime culture – with Kirino and Kuroneko being ambassadors in their own way. For folks who have been to the holy land of anime, they will be quick to notice that Oreimo’s portrayal of Akiba is darn impressive (when compared to other shows that also feature Akiba), from the street views to the interior of the stores, hell even SAO isn’t spared.

In essence, I consider this episode to be yet another “one-shot”, much like the previous two character episodes dedicated to Ayase and Saori. The real deal is just about to begin, with that much despised cliffhanger of Kirino asking Kyousuke to be her (presumably fake) boyfriend (what is this I don’t even). While the enjoyment factor paled in comparison to the Ayase-centric episode nor was it as “emotional” as the Saori-centric episode, this episode served as a good reminder that Kirino is pretty much 99% tsun, 1% dere, at least towards Kyousuke. Kirino’s abrasive and at times abusive attitude towards her older brother led to many calling her a bitch, in which I could agree with – if it happened in the real world. But as always, it is important to distinguish between fiction and reality, 2D and 3D.

Bonus section

In this episode, how many times did Kirino call Kyousuke a lolicon? It was something I wondered about but never bothered to actually find out.

PS: Still no Kuroneko, yet. FEEL MY WRATH.


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