Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S 2

RailgunS 2 3Last Order who? We’re talking about the real deal here.




If you don’t know who Last Order is…then I won’t tell you (don’t blame me if you get spoiled while googling for the answer). Who needs Last Order when we can have the original here.

A certain free lunch in this world

When it comes down to money matters, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Alternatively, a friend in need is also a friend to avoid, depending on whether the glass is half-empty or half-full. While picking up large amounts of cash and spending it is illegal, no-one said anything about cash cards. Now for the million dollar question: “If something like this (free cash cards) were to happen in real life, would you keep or turn the loot cash cards in to the authorities?”

Honestly I would think that if people were somehow able to spend the money safely, they would keep the cash cards for themselves, because that is just how the world works – why say no to “free lunch”? On that note I wonder if Saten would really part with her precious. Oh, if you’re wondering why Kuroko nor Mikoto give a damn about free monies, let me remind you that they’re from Tokiwadai Middle School aka “I am filthy rich, and who needs cash cards when I have credit cards”.

There is still no free lunch in this world after all

Obviously there is a mastermind behind the scenes since, money does not simply drop from the sky, does it? Miss Unknown, the same kid who appeared in Mikoto’s dream, is the perpetrator. But why? (Obviously I know but asking for the sake of asking) What is this cloning experiment and who exactly is person whom Saten mistook for Mikoto?

This episode did well by raising these questions, which will be answered subsequently, slowly but surely. The only significant differences I’ve noticed in comparison to the manga is the extra scene where Kuroko is seen deceiving the headmaster. Furthermore I liked how the anime depicted that it was actually anesthesia, stealthily attached to Miss Unknown’s palms that knocked the baddies out – as this wasn’t explicitly shown in the manga.

Animation quality seems to be slightly improved as well – while there are still some low-quality shots they aren’t as blatantly obvious as it was in episode 1. So far so good, I was even caught by surprise when the episode ended there and then, a decent cliffhanger I would say.


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