Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. 2

OreimoS2 2 28My Ayase couldn’t be this…




Note: I’m trying attempting to see if I can churn out something shorter, something more bite-sized (thinking maybe 300-500 words), so if this post turns out shorter than usual, consider it mission accomplished.

My Ayase couldn’t be this cute yandere!

Oh Ayase, although you were shafted way back in season one, I’m really glad to see that she has a whole episode dedicated to her (although that might just be the reason for her to be sidelined later once again). For what I presume is the longest episode title ever, this episode turned out to be way more hilarious than I thought.

So Kirino has been giving Ayase the cold shoulder ever since she got hooked onto the dating sim “Love Touch”, whose character and voicing ironically resembles Ayase, the heroine is even called Ayaka..I’ve seen referencing/parodies of other series, but referencing to your own characters? That’s some next level marketing tactics right there. Ayase being Ayase, seeks out Kyousuke for help (forcing him would be a more accurate description) and there is a saying that goes..

If you can’t beat them, join them

Damn Kyousuke, falling so easily like this. Darn Ayase, if only she would fall so easily like Kyousuke (when will I ever get a real dere Ayase). Still I find it rather ingenious of Kyousuke – in almost managing to smoke his way out when dealing with Ayase. I knew Ayase has always been quick with her fists and legs, but her murderous intent seems..legit.

Episode thoughts and impressions

I had originally intended to lower the number of screen-caps as well as the length of this post but I guess one of it didn’t quite work out, and I’m sure you can figure out why. Despite the absence of Kuroneko (FEEL MY WRATH, NOT EVEN A SINGLE LINE OR APPEARANCE), the many different facial expressions of Kirino and Ayase really allowed for this episode to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Creepy Kirino, angry Kirino, shocked Kirino, dismissive Kirino. They are all good Kirinos.
Shocked Ayase, annoyed Ayase, embarrassed Ayase, yandere Ayase. They are all good Ayases (ok maybe not the yandere one).

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably repeat myself every time (albeit in a different way each time), half of the credit only goes to what you see, the other half really goes to what you hear. People can call Kirino a bitch or hate on Ayase on all they want, for me, they are all good Kirinos and Ayases (a certain black cat is fine too).

Going by the title, next week seems to be a Manami-centric episode, which I feel is probably not going to be as good as this one since I don’t really care about Manami (don’t stake me), but I’ll keep my expectations low for this one. 470 words, challenge completed!


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