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RailgunS 1 12SHE IS COME BACK!




A certain forethought

Disclaimer: I have watched the original Index series (Railgun is the spinoff after all) as well as the first season of Railgun. More importantly, I’ve caught up, and refreshed myself of the events that transpired in the manga (in which Railgun is mostly adapted from). Having knowledge of the source material, this post will contain details (not spoilers) that may otherwise be unknown to those who have not read the manga. Take it as a caveat.

Furthermore, I will be writing under the assumption that the reader has at least some background knowledge about the Toaru universe (the settings, the characters, etc). Sorry newcomers, you’re on your own. That being said, I still highly recommend new viewers to watch at least the first season of Railgun in order to fully enjoy Railgun S.

A certain filler introductory episode

Much of this episode was purely original content, which I presume is to allow new viewers to get their feet wet, and to serve as an appetizer for the old-timers. Readers of the manga will be quick to spot out the fact that the entire library scene is in fact canon. The interesting point for me is – why are they suddenly opting to introduce Shokuhou Misaki (Asakura Azumi) here and now? Basically, from scrutinizing the OP sequence (played as the ED here), I could tell which story arc it corresponds to in the manga. Upon finding out that Railgun S is slated to run for 2-cours, it makes a lot more sense now though. Still, I have to give credit to J.C Staff for being able to “tie in” this particular scene with the rest of the episode almost flawlessly, as in the manga it was pretty much a standalone chapter.

Going back to the episode itself, personally I would have enjoyed it much more if not for the fact that I’ve already seen most of the scenes just from the various PVs. Nonetheless it was still nostalgic to see the trademark “fan-services” of Railgun making their return – namely Shirai Kuroko’s (Arai Satomi) “love” for her onee-sama, Misaka Mikoto (Satou Rina) and Saten Ruiko’s (Itou Kanae) skirt-flipping antics, with poor Uiharu Kazari (Toyosaki Aki) being the victim. There were also other subtleties that caught my eye, such as Uiharu’s penchant for sweet stuffs, Mikoto’s flashback to the Sisters project. Not to mention, that railgun! And also last but not least, the cameo appearance of a certain level 0 male lead.

Another certain afterthought

2.5 years for Oreimo, 3.5 years for Railgun. It has been a long and ardous wait, albeit one that most have forgotten about. Sometimes I wish that these sequels weren’t spaced so far apart, because holy hell have I completely forgotten just about everything.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked Railgun, much more so than its magic counterpart, Index. The main difference between the two is that Index tends to take itself more seriously, with its main focus being on the plot whereas Railgun has its fair share of lighthearted comedic moments, without sacrificing too much plot development in that process. Character interactions is the name of the game when it comes to appreciating the strengths of Railgun, while for Index it is more like submerging in the richness of the entire Toaru universe, though it can get convoluted at times. To put it in another way, Railgun is like the “light” version of Index, without side characters popping up left and right and all that heavy exposition.

With the Magic side almost out of the equation (meaning no pesky Touma and Index herself), Railgun S is all about Science Mikoto and come on..who doesn’t like the Level 5 Electromaster who is also affectionately known as “biribiri“?

Random thoughts:


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