Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. 1

OreimoS2 1 25Welcome back, Kirino!




It has been 2.5 years, everyone’s favourite imouto (little sister) show is finally back! While I do have better a better memory than the average Joe (self-proclaimed), I have to confess that I’ve forgotten just about everything that happened in S1 because 2.5 years is kinda long, no? Despite that I still recall the fond memories that I’ve had while watching S1. And here we go again!

My little sister can’t possibly be arriving back from America this soon!

I don’t know how, I can’t remember why, but Kirino (Taketatsu Ayana) is back from the States. She’s back, she’s meaner than ever and she has a world Akihabara to conquer. Before going into that, there is the oh-so obligatory reintroduction of the characters (cause everyone is likely to have forgotten as well) and a really brief flashback to what started it all – Kyousuke (Nakamura Yuuichi) finding about his little sister’s secret hobby. Stuff happened, one thing lead to another (yep I conveniently forgotten about them all) and ironically the best part about this episode is – We are back to square one.

For the uninitiated, the siblings aren’t actually close to begin with, not till Kirino started seeking Kyousuke for his 人生相談/Jinsei Soudan (roughly translated as life advice/counseling) after that fateful day. It is from there that Kirino started to warm up to her older brother and at the same time (ab)use her 人生相談 sessions as a pretext to get Kyousuke to do her bidding – which includes manual labour.

After being apart for 3 months (correct me if I’m wrong), the distance between the two reverted back to where it originally was, which led Kirino to treat her brother like a total stranger once again, much to Kyousuke’s distress. Thankfully the very first 人生相談 of the season came quicker than I expected, though to Kyousuke’s dismay it was just Kirino doing what Kirino does best, going on a huge spending spree across Akihabara.

A black cat is fine too..

Even though the other heroine, Kuroneko (Hanazawa Kana) didn’t get a lot of screen-time this episode, I was reminded by A1 studios why exactly she is such an endearing character. Her fairly obvious feelings for Kyousuke remain unresolved, and it is worth noting that this will be the central point of focus for Oreimo S2. Speaking of which, I don’t exactly know what happens in the light novels, however I’m slightly spoiled for the fact that there will be some intense drama later as the series progresses (basically I know certain events happened, not how and why), but I digress.

Going back to the topic at hand, even Kyousuke isn’t dense enough (thank the anime gods) to know that something is up with Kuroneko simply because girls don’t kiss you for no rhyme or reason, right? That being said, what could it be? Now that Kuroneko is back to her usual nonchalant self, Kyousuke is thrown into a dilemma: “To pry or not to pry”. Eventually he bit the bullet and this was the moment that sealed the deal for me. Even though Kuroneko’s expression gave her away, it was the full 10 second scene of Kuroneko furrowing her brow that reminded me why it’s so hard not to like Kuroneko as a character.

Still too many K’s..

When looking back at my nifty handwritten anime list, I realized that I had listed Oreimo as one of my top 5 favourites for 2010 (along with Railgun, also airing this season!) Till now I still can’t pinpoint exactly why Oreimo is such a joy to watch. While the spotlight may shine on Kirino and Kuroneko for the most part, they aren’t the only reasons that made Oreimo so well-received.

Visually speaking, A1 have really brought their A-game (oops) to the table. The best part about the visuals for me is how the characters expressions are so clearly defined. In terms of animation quality, Oreimo S2 might not compete with the heavy hitters such as Shingeki no Kyojin/Suisei no Gargantia, but even then Oreimo S2 still belongs to upper-tiers – just look at the screen caps!

Audio-wise, I got a little nostalgic when I heard the same background music being utilized once again, not that they were anything overly special though. Personally, the cherry on the sundae has to be the star powered voice-acting itself. Few can play the role of a bratty little sister as well as Taketatsu Ayana can, fewer no one can replace the low-pitched voice set of Hanazawa Kana.

To sum it up, Oreimo has that magical recipe that makes people happy when they watch it (satisfaction not guaranteed). The long wait wasn’t in vain, the fairly high expectations were met, the anticipation was justified. To say this now might be a little premature, but if Oreimo S2 continues to put up a solid performance, I’m going to consider it to be one of the stronger contenders for the annual “Anime of the Year” awards.

Random thoughts:

  • Right now I’m so tempted/contemplating to continue this series on a weekly basis.. As always though, we shall see.
  • Yandere alert!
  • One can only wish that they had this amount of money to throw around, damn she’s filthy rich for someone her age.

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