Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 11

Chuunibyou 11 35Drama? In Chuunibyou? No wai!




Rikka officially graduates? (No, this isn’t AKB.)

What sorcery is this? My Chuunibyou can’t be this somber! I’m still a little not used to seeing a normal Rikka, let alone hear her speak in a normal way. Without a proper context that would have sounded weird – this is Chuunibyou we’re talking about, how can the central character – how can Rikka abandon the Dark Side for the “greater good”?

Oddly enough, at least for me, the turn of events (shown in the previous episode) that brought Rikka back to reality was left unexplained. Not that it really matters by now, although I would’ve liked to know what exactly happened – what was it that made Rikka take off her eye-patch and stop her chuunibyou ways? Was it Yuuta’s words about taking responsibility? Could it have been something related to the arrival and departure of her mother and sister respectively? Or a combination of both? Now we’ll never know.

Originally, it should’ve been a joyous occasion, or something to celebrate about when someone reverts back to a normal life. But what is this heavy atmosphere that lingered on for the entire episode? It’s not just me with the spider senses, the screen writers made it blatantly obvious with those sad-looking eyes, wailing and tears. Damn, what happened Chuunibyou? Where did my beloved comedy go?

Clearly Rikka hasn’t fully adjusted, as strange as it sounds, to behaving like a normal high school student. From her awkward casual conversations, to her attempts in befriending her classmates, to tidying up her room in order to bid her former lifestyle goodbye. It still feels a little surreal to me – that the Rikka we’ve come to know and come to adore, changed so much in a span of a single episode.

The faithful servant that was left behind

Poor Dekmori. That pretty much sums it up. If there was one person that would violently object to Rikka deserting her chuunibyou ways, that person would be the wielder of the Mjolnir Hammer – Dekomori Sanae. Perhaps still an idiot (in some ways), much of this episode was dedicated to Dekomori’s attempts to bring Rikka back to the Dark Side, and oh boy did it get dramatic towards the end. In light of that, I have to say I’m darn impressed with Dekomori’s seiyuu (Uesaka Sumire), for her ability to portray not only the usual, upbeat Dekomori but also the more emotional side of her. Give this girl more roles already!

On a side note, them delusional battles finally make their grand return! I didn’t count but, it has been a couple of episodes ever since one happened isn’t it? I-it’s not like I miss them or anything like that, I could always use some flashy battle sequence you know? By now the novelty of the delusional battles has kinda worn off, nevertheless this might be the last battle that we might see should the finale not have any.

A subliminal message?

Somehow I feel that this episode was trying to convey something deeper to the viewers. While the whole episode had a solemn tone, which was very contrasting from the norm (it’s a RomCom after all), the emotional ending scene at the train station was the highlight of the episode for me. A bawling Dekomori. A pissed-off Yuuta. A Rikka filled with uncertainties. The melancholic background music. It all converged towards the pain and helplessness they felt when it was finally time for them to wake up from their delusions, and finally face reality.

While it may not apply to all delusional people (it’s hard to say since I’m not one myself), I believe that people who escape from reality are the ones who feel the brunt of the cold truth. They are the ones who decided that it was harsh to bear and decided to run away. They are the ones who understand this better than anyone else. That was the case for Dekomori, at least – she understood that there is no spoon there is no such thing as the “unseen horizon” and that her alter ego that she conjured up.

Maybe it is the process of growing up that we have to shed these illusions we once have when we were younger. We’ve all more or less been through the stage where we have to man up and face the real world head on, sacrificing our dreams and aspirations in the process. It hurts, it is going to hurt. End of the day though, which is the “right” path to take? That is up to the individual to decide.

For Rikka and Yuuta, they seem resolved to put an end to their “child’s play”, but why was it filled with nothing but sadness and grief? The answer to that is witnessing hope being crushed right in front of our eyes. Sure, it may all be for the sake of growing up, but if growing up means I have to abandon my ideals and become yet another soulless individual, I’d rather remain in my own wonderland.

As we head into the finale, I have to wonder whether Yuuta and company can find some kind of compromise, the delicate balance between fantasy and reality. Suffice to say, a happy ending is kinda guaranteed, so in that regard at least I won’t be going into the next episode with bated breath.

Random thoughts:

  • This is actually my 2nd time that I’ve revisited this post, making it the 3rd time I’m working on it. The last section really took awhile for me to formulate my thoughts on the matter.
  • This post is actually 66% finished since 20th January, the last few paragraphs were the new additions.
  • Hence there are no real random thoughts because I sort of forgotten about everything else since I only watched the train scene to refresh my memory.

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