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Date A Live 1 6My little Kirino couldn’t possibly call me onii-chan!




Off topic: Before I start, this post marks my “official” return to anime blogging. (Yay..) As for this season’s schedule, I haven’t decided on anything at the moment, chances are high that I might not pick up a show because I want to take this time to clear up my backlog, which I still remain committed to complete them despite the amount dust that they’ve collected over time. That said, I like to leave my options open, if any show strongly manages to impress me just based of its premiere – we shall see then. Keep in mind this is a “First Impressions” post, not a regular coverage version.

Note: Screen caps are in LQ because this is a pre-air version ripped from Nico Nico Douga.

Q: What kind of mecha is the best mecha?

A: Mecha coupled with girls, romance and comedy of course! Not even kidding here. Personally I’m not too huge of a fan for mecha. Sure I like robots and all, but I prefer me some female presence, if you know what I mean.. (Think Rinne no Lagrange)

For an opening episode, I’m gonna say right off the bat that I like where DAL is going. Fans of pure Mecha, or haters of RomCom are going to disagree with me though. Based off this episode alone, I have a feeling that the main genre for DAL might be RomCom, with Mecha and Sci-Fi as secondary ones – I could be wrong though, as I haven’t read the light novel, in which DAL is adapted from.

This episode did its job well, by introducing the main characters (albeit too many though), as well as outlining its plot clearly, two important aspects that I consider crucial for a pilot episode to capture viewers. We want to know who is who, and what this show is about for people who prefer to watch their anime blind (without any prior knowledge whatsoever).

Boy meets.. girl?

The story revolves around the (mis)adventures of Shidou (Shimazaki Nobunagahis little sister Kotori (Taketatsu Ayana, Kirino!, Suguha!). We are introduced to this strange phenomenon known as a spacequake, because earthquakes are too mainstream these days. A random void appearing out of nowhere while devouring anything within its radius? Someone call the cops Sector 51!

As fate would have it, a spacequake occurs and worried for his sister’s safety, Shidou runs off on his own (don’t do this), only to find himself barely alive a beauty. Unable to handle the sheer awesomeness of a sword-wielding girl with Neo-like powers battling his class mate Origami (Togashi Misuzu) he passes out, and awakes only to find out that he has been living a lie all along and discovers that..

My little sister can’t be an organization commander!

At a tender age of 14, Kirino Kotori is the Ratatosk’s commander, a secret organization designed to eliminate what they call “Spirits“, also the primary cause behind the spacequakes. From there we learn of two methods that they employ in order to save this world from further devastation. The easy way and the hard way.

The easy way is to destroy them, because people die when they are killed, right? Except that for one Spirits aren’t exactly human and two, weapons don’t seem to be very effective.. Alternatively there is the hard way – if you can’t beat them, join them make them join you! Using love as the medium for turning your enemies into allies, Shidou finds himself in a predicament he can’t get out of – training to become a future love conqueror. What kind of lousy dating sim is this?!

Why not call it Date A Spirit?

Is what I questioned after finishing the episode. All jokes aside, DAL managed to meet my (mostly moderate) expectations. Having a well-known seiyuu always helps for my case. For fans of ecchi, I enjoyed the subtle, yet not-so-subtle flash of pantsu, cleavage, and dat ass. This isn’t the usual “in your face” kinda fan-service either, so I consider it to be a plus, while on the flip side it could very well be poison for others, to each their own.

One significant point to note is the use of music, in particular the transitions involved. Many people, myself included normally do not pay too much attention to the background music, sound effects etc. DAL however has managed to impress me with their usage of said transitions – from the lighthearted opening atmosphere, to the evacuation scene, to the part where the Spirit appeared, to the battle music – it all fits smoothly.

Animation-wise, DAL hasn’t disappointed thus far. It is a little tricky for me to exactly comment on this because of the LQ version I watched, but to be fair I would say that while the animation quality isn’t exactly low, it isn’t that mind-blowing either (apart from the battle scene because it has to be flashy after all). One thing I’ve noticed is how often DAL uses this “split screen” technique a little too often.

All in all, DAL signs point to a good start for DAL, while it may be too early to tell if the adaptation will be a success or not, ultimately I like what I saw and there isn’t too much for me to nitpick about.

Random thoughts:

  • Sorry about all the oreimo references, I just can’t help it whenever I hear Taketatsu Ayana’s little sister voice set.
  • Someone needs to make a “I love you, onii-chan!” message tone. I’ll use it!!
  • I don’t know about you, but if I were to see my classmate in a mecha suit I would never look at them the same way again.

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