How to get started on (episodic) anime blogging

This section might be updated without notice. Nothing written here is final because I am constantly seeking ways and methods to improve and refine my technique so my views might change as time passes.

So, you’ve decided that you want to become a(n) (anime) blogger and was wondering how exactly does that process work. I’m sure different people work differently, have various styles but I am going to share my current approach on how I go about getting the job done, in an attempt to educate inspire future aspiring writers because when the hardest part is actually getting started and getting used to it.

Before I even start, I also want to point out that the nature episodic blogging is different from the usual type of blogging because:

  1. Sometimes there is just nothing to write about
    This can be slightly alleviated with better writing skills, or being a talkative person who touches on every little single detail. There will be times where I totally take off my thinking cap when it comes to shows that are less “complex”.
  2. There is hardly anything positive to write about
    Let us face it, sometimes an episode can be good, which is fine and all, but what happens when an episode or finale is bad? Is it a wise move to keep talking down on it? What is the most tactical way to go about writing such an episode? My personal take on it is to point out why an episode sucks, objectively while pointing out positives  (ie what has been done right) that might have been overshadowed by all the negatives.
  3. Time and dedication
    One of the most common questions to ask is perhaps: “How long does it take to finish a post?” The answer at this stage for me is roughly 2-3 hour+ per post. The time taken highly varies from individual to individual. Keep in mind it is one thing to watch anime and another to write about anime. Also remember this is a weekly commitment that spans over periods of 3 months. Burnout is a scary word and a scary feeling, it can happen so it is important to make sure that you do not bite more than you can chew.

Without further ado here I present: A dummies guide to (episodic) anime blogging

  1. Preseason, the homework stage:
    Pick shows to watch and potentially write about. I won’t go into how I pick my shows, for that take a look at *this*. Subsequently decide which shows to write on a golden rule in mind:  “No more than 2-3 (?) shows per season, to avoid being overworked” “Must be interesting and have enough content so that I wouldn’t struggle too much when it comes down to writing”
  2. Watch said episode while taking screen caps like a madman
    Getting decent shots is not too hard surprisingly after a few tries. Primarily using MPC (media player classic) along with the built-in screenshot function. Rebind the key to something more convenient.
  3. Select which screen caps to use
    The number that I settle for is currently 36 caps per episode. Some people prefer to go light in this aspects, to each their own.
  4. Start to write!
    I usually browse through the caps and think about what to write about. Sometimes it is worth checking out community sites to see if someone brings up a point worth mentioning, sometimes it is also possible (we’re human after all) to miss the smaller and finer details. The downside to this is that you’re usually echoing someone’s else sentiments instead of coming up with something that is 100% your own.
  5. Upload screen caps. Optional: insert captions
    Screen caps are all unedited. Full length/stitched shots are a bonus but I feel that they aren’t really a must so I personally leave them out. Thinking of captions is purely an attempt to insert humour and test my creativity skills. Purely optional.
  6. Link images and proofread at the same time
    Linking images to their appropriate text is also optional but I feel this enhances a reading experience greatly so I’ve decided to throw it in as well. While doing so I read through the whole post again anyway to make sure that there are no spelling/grammar mistakes. Edit lines that sound awkward or do not flow well. Do note that my English isn’t perfect and my use of punctuations isn’t the best. Everyone has their own writing habits and tendencies but I feel as long as the post is coherent in general it should be fine.
  7. Publish! And do finals checks/edits
    Self explanatory. Do a final check to see if images appear correctly; formatting turns out correctly; edit and improve on any sentences/mistakes if I spot one.

That is it for now! I must stress again nothing written here is final! I will update and reflect on the changes if and when it happens.

Last updated: 28/3/13 v3 (Updated for v2 of the site)


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