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Holy, the last Chuunibyou post was posted at the start of December, that was roughly 6 weeks ago. Instead of giving excuses, I’m just going to continue from where I left off. While the series might have ended 2 weeks ago, I have not watched the finale, nor do I know what the ending was like as I’ve kept myself spoiler-free. If anything, at least the posts are still written from a fresh perspective, which is better than nothing, I guess. Now that I’ve cleared the air up a little, let’s not waste anymore time, shall we?

Say I love you

The first thing I did before watching the episode was to refresh myself on the events of episode 9 and oh boy did affairs accelerate ever since that faithful embrace. That hug certainly did its job as a catalyst – in making Rikka and Yuuta realize their feelings for each other. Part of a cynical me wants to call it puppy love, or worse still, Yuuta confusing sympathy for love. A realistic part of me wants to say that high school romance and adult romance are two different matters altogether. In the end though, it doesn’t matter either way, it’s not like Chuunibyou is some serious business romance show to begin with, it’s a typical SchoolRomCom with a touch of KyoAni flair to it.

The next logical step afterwards would be the confession. Who will be the first one to confess? Usually it’s the guys “responsibility” to initiate the courtship (so much for equality), (un)surprisingly these days though it is the girls who are the ones taking that first step. Anime-only phenomenon or is it just me, or both?

  • Awkward scenarios to serve as a tension buildup – check.
  • Sudden romantic location – check.
  • Cue a cheesy insert song – check.
  • “I love you” – check!
  • Mutual feelings – check.
  • ??? – check.
  • Profit!

That ladies and gentlemen, is the magical formula for creating a successful confession. Applies to real-life as well, cheesy insert song optional. Great! The main couple of the series have finally gotten together, end of story? Not quite, assuming the koi half of the title Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai is now settled, we’re gently reminded that other Chuunibyou half is still an ongoing issue. After all, there is no happily ever after without some kind of trial or tribulations isn’t it?

Facing reality

Coincidence, or most likely not, Touka is “forced” to leave just because..It’s all for the sake of the plot advancement, not because she wants to or anything like that. Knowing Rikka’s strained relationship with her family, Touka’s departure is going to be a cause for concern now that Rikka’s mother is going to take Touka’s place in caring over Rikka. Even though Chuunibyou is primarily a series that focuses on comedy and “romance” elements, there’s still the grimmer side of matters that needs to be addressed – getting Rikka to come to terms with the passing of her father and graduating from her chuunibyou ways.

The one thing that I was disappointed about this episode was the omission of the argument between Yuuta and Rikka when Yuuta presumably told Rikka to “take off her eye patch”. The eye patch is a symbolic item for Rikka, one that signifies her defiance acts as a self-defense mechanism between the harsh reality and herself. Needless to say, it isn’t as simple sounds – what’s the big deal about taking off/wearing an eye patch anyway? For Rikka, it is also serves an alternate sanctuary for her, a place where she can escape to, away from the cold cruel world. When someone comes along and disrupts your peace of mind, you’d get agitated, right?

One bonfire and a song later, I’m lost. What just happened? From the looks of things, I’m going to go ahead and guess that there will be an explanation of some sort next episode to fill in the gaps from the time when Yuuta and Rikka argued with each other to her sudden decision to become normal.

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