New Year, New Direction

Plotting behind the shadowsMy personal review of 2012 and what’s planned for the first quarter of this year.




A look back at 2012

The reason why I’m doing this here specifically is because I feel that it is important for one to reflect and contemplate on the more meaningful things that they’ve accomplished throughout the course of the year, use those experiences as a stepping stone in order to pave a better road for the year ahead.

In a nutshell I’ve been spending the past year “honing my skills in a cave”, as a friend of mine would call it. “Slacking” is my most commonly used answer though because in the eyes of modern society, if you aren’t employed, or studying, or undergoing training (a NEET in other words), you’re basically slacking, or being unproductive, wasting time yada yada. As much as I would love to explain myself, my circumstances and why I chose to take this path, it’s just not feasible for me to do so because – can the average person even understand where I’m coming from, let alone comprehend the motives behind my actions? It’s “easy” to speak my mind, but to convince people/make them understand is a totally different matter altogether. One day I will do so, but as I’ve said, not now.

Despite technically being a NEET, there’s still a difference between a person who is just doing “nothing” and someone who is doing “something”. What defines something and nothing? That is for you to decide, because what I’m going to list might very well mean “nothing” to some people and for others they might find it intriguing. Personally, I do admit that I have a lot more freedom and time unlike my peers, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve been wasting my days away, although having said that, there is always room for improvement. Cool story aside, here’s what I’ve been up to for the past year:

  • Writing/Blogging – It’s been a bumpy ride for me thus far, ever since I started this site back in March. I’ve learned a great deal and needless to say, it does improve my English language skills, or at least keep it rust-free and more importantly my writing skills and the ability to articulate my thoughts across. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to maintaining a site, to write on a regular basis. Simply put, it is very time consuming and many sacrifices have been made. It’s a love/hate relationship for me because of how huge of a time sink writing is, and I tend to procrastinate (just like this post). At the end of the day though there is a sense of satisfaction when all has been said and done – I take pride in putting effort into every post, to ensure that they are of quality.
  • Attending events/conventions – I’m probably late to the party when it comes to this, but I have only begun attending such conventions “semi-regularly” in 2011 and more actively in 2012. Events can be fun, but they can also be equally as tiring, especially if you’re like me – someone who likes to walk around the venue multiple times throughout the whole day. As it is, I’m satisfied with my approach for such events – aka spending as little as possible while covering as much as possible, so expect these to continue to make an appearance whenever I do attend one.
  • Traveling – I know I keep mentioning about this, but I really do love traveling, except that it takes a very huge toll – not just on my wallet but on many other aspects as well. Backpacking is always easier said than done, and it requires a hell of a commitment to get the job done. The experience is no doubt fulfilling but it comes at a heavy price, for every day spent away is a day being (further) disconnected from the world, at least to me. Keep in mind this isn’t some luxury, relax and enjoy holiday type of trip, rather it is quite the contrary instead. It’s about exploring, experiencing the lifestyle and different cultures, getting lost (it will happen) and getting immersed.
  • Gaming – This is going to sound a little stupid but now that I think about it, I haven’t been playing computer games ever since I quit WoW way back in Jan 2011, not until the release of Diablo III, which is essentially 1 year and 4 months. Since then I’ve moved on to Guild Wars 2 and currently playing RO2. Point being, I’m still a gamer at heart and it kinda runs in my blood, even if I’m not playing anything. While I’m sort of back into playing games again, the feeling isn’t quite as it was before – not that I’ve lost my passion or anything like that but the circumstances are just different.

PianoPlans for the year ahead (or at least for the first quarter)

As you can see, or technically can’t see, I’m severely behind when it comes to getting my episodic posts out. I haven’t forgotten about them, and they are still on the to-do list, it is just that once stuff gets delayed above a certain threshold, how much earlier/later it gets out doesn’t really matter anymore. Having said that, it is also time for me to “officially” make several announcements regarding the status of this site and the direction it is headed in.

  • A 1-season break from episodic blogging (PP will still continue) – And this includes the First Impression type of post that I typically do at the start of each season. There are two very dangerous words when it comes to writing/blogging and they are “getting burnt out” and “dealing with real-life priorities”. It’s the latter for me. Time and time again I’ve promised content that I never got around to doing because, keeping up with episodic blogging pretty much saps the energy out of me. While it is possible for me to do “overtime” by churning out stuff that isn’t episodic, I’m spacing myself out on purpose to avoid overworking, which will eventually lead to a burn out – something I want to avoid. Not only that, there are other things that I want to do (both in RL and for this site), but haven’t got the time to do, because of the maintenance episodic blogging requires. Whether this will continue or not, is unknown at this point. I’m taking a one step at a time approach with regards to episodic blogging. Deciding to cover a series is akin to dedicating 3, if not 6 months of free time towards blogging, and again, it’s not that I don’t want to, I don’t necessarily have the time to do so.
  • Everything on the to-do list will be out, eventually – Taking a 1-season break allows me to catch back up, while avoiding the snowballing effect at the same time. No exact ETA on when XYZ will be out, all I can say is I’ll work on them NASAP.
  • A new direction, as well as site updates – Now that the announcement is here, the time that was otherwise spent into episodic blogging can now be utilized on site updates (keep a lookout on the updates section)! Also, I’ve mentioned this before, but it is also time for the site to undergo a transition. While anime has been the central focus up till now, I’m looking to switch the spotlight to other areas. As for what they are, stay tuned to find out.

Closing thoughts:

I don’t know what kind of effect this status update will bring about, if any at all. Only time will tell. While I do still have tons of unspoken thoughts at this point, the main agenda has been achieved and the rest will follow suit sometime in the near future. If you like what I’ve done so far, please continue to support me! Asking for comments is kinda futile, at least for now, but do continue to drop by, even if it is not on an everyday basis. Thanks for reading.


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