Here we go again – Winter 2013 Preview

After a 3 week mini-break, it’s time to get things rolling again.

Preface: Once again, this is in no way a comprehensive preview as there are charts/much better alternatives out there on the internet. So what you’ll find below are my watch-list for the Winter 2013 season (Jan-March) and why, based on what I’ve “researched”.

Introduction: Even though there’s more titles for this season when compared to the typical Winter (30+ as opposed to the 20 odd titles), not a whole lot actually stands out. Long story short, I’ve decided on 8 titles and normally I would be happy when I don’t go over 2 digits except for one thing – I have 7 shows carrying over from Fall. (More on that later) Without further ado here are my picks, listed in no particular order:

MaoyuMaoyuu Maou Yuusha

It looks good. Um yeah, that’s it. The synopsis seems intriguing as there is emphasis on economics and stuff like that. How will that fit into the show? The only way to know is to watch and find out.





OreShuraOre no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru

Yet another one of those long titles with either the word “girlfriend” “boyfriend” “sister” “brother” in it and somehow I’m a sucker for these shows with these kinda titles. Seems to be a fairly typical RomComHarem-esque judging from the premise and I might sound dumb when I say this but OreShura looks be one of the better  RomComHarem shows – they can be either totally mediocre or genuinely enjoyable. Signs? A1 is handling this and the seiyuu cast is actually pretty darn high level.


Senran KaguraSenran Kagura

Staple ecchi genre (also being the only one in this season AFAIK). What else can I objectively say about this? Oh I know, personally I don’t purely watch ecchi just for the sake of watching it – there needs to be at least another factor and that answer lies in the seiyuu cast involved. That isn’t really a “legit” reason but oh well I’m too lazy to argue here.



Tamako MarketTamako Market

Is that you K-ON? No? Damn that KyoAni character designs, they always look the same! This is what KyoAni does best – Slice of life with a dash of moe, or tons of it if you so desire. One very notable factor is that Tamako Market is actually an original work, having said that the plot isn’t going to be anything ground-breaking, but hey that matters right? Maybe not, but who cares anyway!




SHAFT – Check. Notable seiyuu cast – Check. Decent premise – Debatable but I would say yes. But this one is an obvious choice, no other explanation needed.





ViviredVividred Operation

Sci-fi original, oh and girls. Animation looks crisp along with its character designs, I don’t know why but somehow I’m really looking forward to this one. The only downside for me is that the seiyuu cast aren’t filled by the bigger names in the industry but honestly it doesn’t matter all that much.




HaganaiBoku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT

I’m guessing Japan is running out of creative juices to name their sequels, first with punctuation marks and now with random words in ALL CAPS. Back on topic I’ve been waiting for this ever since its announcement ? donkey months ago. It has been 1 year 3 months but finally it’s here! I can sing endless praises about how awesome this RomCom and how much I enjoyed the first season (it actually made the one of the top 5 for 2011 in my list). Watch the original if you haven’t, and watch this too.



I’ll be frank, I initially decided on watching this solely because of the cast, but upon reading the synopsis and subsequently watching the PV, it looks to be a decent RomCom, although I have to also admit that the character designs don’t really appeal to me. That is about it. Who knew that being able to read minds is more of a curse than a gift?



Closing Thoughts: Coming off an extremely stacked Fall, I finally understood what it feels like to be “drowning” after spending 4 years of actively watching anime. Sometimes I wonder how people keep up with 20+ shows per season, apart from actually having that many series worth watching, the bigger question is – where do they find the time for it? For the record I was sitting at 15 shows in Fall, which is 3 times more than what I had started out with. Granted, the standard for anime is getting higher, production values are constantly improving, so I find it natural that I’m increasing my intake as I slowly gain more exposure and “experience” as time goes by.

It’s not like I couldn’t keep up with 15 shows on a weekly basis, given my current status, but I could certainly feel the “heat”, in that I have less time to spend on other areas. In addition to maintaining this blog, I’ve been toying around with ideas in my head, and in order to get started on those ideas, guess what I need. That’s right, the answer is: Time. Despite me actually looking forward to having a little more breathing room for Winter 2013, I came to realize that I have a whooping 7 shows carrying over from Fall. Holy cow batman that’s half of what I’m currently watching carrying over to the new year.

So, it’s time for simple math: 8+7 = 15. What this means is that things are likely to remain the same as they did for Fall, and that to me isn’t very ideal. What I’m trying to say is that I’ve other plans in mind and I really could use whatever spare time that is left without compromising on watching anime or updating this blog – and both of those are huge time sinks. So right now all I can say is: “we shall see”. I can’t make any announcements yet because nothing is set in stone, and the picture will be much clearer once I work out the (blogging) schedule for Winter 2013. Just a warning in advance – Don’t expect too much (as always)!


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