Licence2Play 2012

L2P 2012 6I LOVE BLIZZARD – 7.12.12






This is a 3-day event which opens from 11am-9pm from the 7-9 December.

Short first person recount:

This time it’s a really short recount from me because there isn’t really much for me to say, apart from being tired, and busy.

The reason why I wrote the first sentence was because I wasn’t even keen on attending this convention initially. As you may or may not know, I’m leaving shortly for Taiwan on a backpacking trip and thus time is rather tight for me. But after more details were released I was in a dilemma, because on one hand I could really use more time than less time, and on the other I would have went in a heartbeat if I didn’t have a flight ahead of me.

Long story short, I decided to follow the much advocated “do first, regret later” and went ahead anyway. The entrance was free because Blizzard’s booth allowed people who brought any of their game box-sets down to receive a free ticket. That’s $5 saved, or $2 for people who pre-ordered online. I arrived at 7pm because except for Blizzard, there isn’t any real stage schedule or anything like that, and the main draw for me (apart from the Blizzard booth itself) was probably the appearance of female pro gamer Startale Aphrodite.

2 days ago, when I first caught news that she would be making an appearance, I was like “what”, because basically it makes little sense for her to be here in the first place. I was questioning inside my head: “Why is she here? What’s the purpose of coming here? Why her of all people?” To be frank, I don’t have an answer, and I still don’t get it. But hey, don’t get me wrong – it isn’t a bad thing to begin with. It’s a plus more than a minus – albeit one without a compelling reason behind it.

Anyway, I missed some parts of her stage appearance, which is no biggie to me because I’m not her fan in the first place – I’m just someone who can appreciate the fact that she flew all the down from South Korea just to grace the event. After a 2v2 show-match with some random people, she took a short interview which was just Starcraft-related questions which was honestly boring – I rather hear her thoughts about being here and all. Afterwards was the autograph and photo session! Photo GET! Oh, I felt a little awkward when I got her to sign a D3 box (used for the free entry) of mine because I had nothing else on me, at least there was some blank note-sized paper inside. (I didn’t feel that this was worth uploading so, yeah)

Due to the time factor (7.30pm) or maybe poor publicity, the queue (for her autograph) and the general crowd levels was quite low, compared and contrasted to other conventions I’ve been to in the past. I chose to go late on purpose anyway to avoid the squeeze so being able to move around freely and take unhindered shots is a huge boon for me. From hereon there was a lucky draw segment later in which I won’t go into since I didn’t win anything (sob). At this point (8.30pm), the convention was starting to close and it was just me walking around taking pictures of deserted booths/stands. The pictures ought to tell a better tale for the most part from here onwards.

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