Psycho-Pass 8

Psycho Pass 8 4Weekly Akane facts #8: Akane dislikes smokers!




Then again, who doesn’t? If there is one thing that costs absolutely nothing in this world, it is 2nd-hand smoke – that stuff is free!

In the end, there was no heroic rescue, nor was there the “oh-so dramatic” chasing scene present in the previous episodes. The anti-climatic ending that laid in wait for the viewers was the unceremonious death of Rikako, not by the hands (or guns) of the PSB, but by the hands (or guns) of their own – the irony strikes back once again.

Lethal Eliminator Boss mode

Kougami is such a boss that I’m starting to believe that this was an intentional design by the writers all along. His ability to deduce accurately and eliminate the possibilities makes the rest of the cast look like a bunch of incompetent fools in comparison. This episode is yet another proof of that. While the rest of the crew were at the school grounds scrambling to find clues to piece the puzzle together, Kougami (and not so much Akane) was able to correctly narrow down the prime suspect after doing some profiling (to deduce that the current mastermind is different from the person from 3 years ago).

As the saying goes: “You have to be evil to understand how evil works.” (I made that up by the way) To further understand the mentality and the thought-process of a criminal, one has to adopt a similar mindset in order to grasp how they operate and the rationale behind it. The best way of achieving that without resorting to actual crime is to seek out captive criminals, or latent criminals themselves. I don’t know why the PSB crew didn’t think of that in the first place – it is possible that they “conveniently forgot” just to make Kougami look cool while having the spotlight all to himself. A visit to the correction and rehabilitation center quickly reveals that the “artwork” of the corpses resembles that of Ouryou Rouichi, and from there all it took was a simple look-up (yay technology) to filter out Rikako as a potential suspect.

One thing that I’ve learned from this episode is – Who needs any form of interrogation when all it takes is to point a Dominator at someone and the Sibyl System will do the rest for them. Kougami doesn’t care, all-girls school or not, curious bystanders present or not. He points the gun straight at Rikako and her cover is instantly blown (yay technology).

The chase is on off

So, what good is a Dominator if it can’t fire at its target? Rikako manages to escape thanks to the aid of Makishima, while also meeting her demise thanks to the aid of Makishima. Justice is served, sort of. When a tool has served its purpose and usefulness, it is simply discarded afterwards. Rikako (and the guy before her) are no more than tools to Makishima – why do the dirty work himself? It is far more entertaining to watch people create mischief and then dispose of them when they are no longer needed, or when they become a liability instead of an asset. (Finance anyone?)

What is more interesting to note is that Makishima’s influence extends greater than I thought. Having the ability to monitor the PSB while simultaneously deleting any traces of himself implies that his connections are more than meets the eye., like a true overlord we often see in movies or dramas.

It is difficult to determine whether this episode’s conclusion is a moral victory for the PSB or not, unlike the previous cases where the results were clear-cut.  Which side gained the “upper-hand” after today’s confrontation? Here’s a few points of contention:

  • Rikako dies, but at what cost? All that the PSB has to gain is effectively one less murderer out there, while gaining no further leads as to who the real masterminds are.
  • Kougami and Makishima both officially learn about each others’ existence. The final stage is now officially set, the real game has only just begun. Seeing how Makishima has his tabs on Kougami while Kougami knows just about nothing on Makishima, I’d say team Makishima has the slight edge here.

Yet another case comes to a close, but the real cat and mouse chase is about to start. On the overall I felt that the conclusion to the current arc was satisfying. I liked how the series portrayed the fact that not all cases can be solved cleanly (despite Kougami channeling Sherlock Holmes). There was still blabbering, courtesy of Rikako (on why her victims are students from her school), Kougami (on why the suspect isn’t the same person) and Makishima (some poetic crap which I don’t give a damn about) although I feel it wasn’t as “long-winded” compared to the previous episode. I won’t be going into those as they are just side topics to ponder about for those who are bored.

Last but not least, we are 8 episodes in and Akane is still pretty much just a sitting duck, where is my character development people? Also it still bugs me that people are dropping like flies left and right in every episode, almost as if people are just dying for the sake of dying. Anyone wants to bet that it is just a matter of time before a main character kicks the bucket? To me it isn’t a matter of whether that will happen, but when it will happen.

Random thoughts:

  • Jeez, how many sticks packs does Kougami smoke per day?
  • Rehabilitation center? Seems more like an asylum to me.
  • What is up with the Principal? He’s either “bribed” or high on drugs.
  • Rikako route – Bad End
  • Worthy to note that Crime Coefficients and Hue Checks aren’t the same. A person may have a healthy hue colour, cause killing people relieves stress! But their crime coefficients tell the true tale.

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