Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 9

Chuunibyou 9 27Nibutani X Rikka? Anyone?




Prelude to the cultural festival

What comes after a summer vacation/beach episode? A cultural festival of course! By now I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as an anime has school life as part of its genre, there is bound to be a cultural festival themed episode somewhere. But wait! This isn’t the actual deal itself, but merely the appetizer before the main course.

If the signs in the previous episode weren’t obvious enough, this episode basically outright states that Rikka is officially in love. How Touka managed to imitate her younger sister by appearing from under Yuuta’s bed is beyond me (while also sniffing out Yuuta’s “tastes), but despite that, she has an agenda for infiltrating Yuuta’s room. Although the Takanashi sisters aren’t on very close terms, it is heartwarming to see that Touka is still concerned over her younger sister’s well-being when she noticed that Rikka hasn’t been eating well. Correct me if I’m wrong but, losing appetite over being in love? Isn’t that a little extreme? Being flustered and slightly stressed out is kinda normal (for their age) but not eating your meals is just..weird. It isn’t as if Rikka is trying to go on a diet or something like that, you know.

To further complicate matters (because what is love without any hardship?), Rikka mixes her chuunibyou together with her feelings for Yuuta, and the result of that something about a dark singularity planted in Yuuta? Usually I can keep up with Rikka’s chuunibyou way of speaking but this time it is way beyond me. No delusional battle this week though, which I feel should be used sparingly since the initial “wow” factor of it has worn off by now.

Since Dekomori and Kumin are both idiots when it comes to the affairs of the heart, I’m glad to see that Nibutani has decided to help Rikka out. Her motives for doing so isn’t explicitly stated, but I guess as a friend and a club member she couldn’t really stand by and watch Rikka not being honest with herself. Watching Nibutani’s interactions with Rikka is simply hilarious – from the “confrontation” at the restroom to the trolling at the courtyard. I have to admit, Rikka’s reactions were pretty gold and I had a good chuckle out of Nibutani’s antics.

Needless to say, Nibutani’s attempts at bringing Rikka closer to Yuuta was futile, because chuunibyous and conventional advice don’t go hand in hand, until an accident almost occurred. Thankfully it was just a scare and ironically a blessing in disguise as Rikka ended up embracing Yuuta. It looked like Rikka was on the verge of a confession as her emotions were running high but will it actually happen? Watch next week’s episode to find out.

PS: My bets are on no.

Vanilla Romance FTW?

While I absolutely adore this series for its comedic factor (and moe), I personally find the romance department a little lacking. The biggest reason perhaps is because the romance involved is simply vanilla – or plain. Apart from Yuuta and Rikka, there isn’t any other real indication that someone else is in love too. In terms of the progression, Yuuta quickly caught on to fact that Rikka is behaving oddly (while behaving oddly in the first place), but he’s still clueless to what the underlying reason might be – we’ll just have to wait and see what his reaction will be like when he finally finds out. Rikka will probably struggle to get her feelings across but to me that is more of a comedy than actual love going on.

Going back to my original point, the romance in Chuunibyou is plain and simple. There’s no drama (drama is relative), no (friendly) rivals, making the ending semi-predictable. I don’t know, it’s not like I really want to see drama happen but at the same time just about anyone following this series can tell what is going to happen next. That sort of takes away the excitement and anticipation for me. Ultimately, comedy is still the series’ main strength and I think that the romance is just icing on the cake – albeit one that doesn’t really appeal to me.

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