Psycho-Pass 7

Weekly Akane facts #7: Akane digs hunks! (It isn’t always about the $)




I have good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news first – More character names are thrown into the fray. The good news is, there were only 2 (!) new names compared to the previous episode’s 8, meaning 4 times less the headache for me!

Well, as this episodes goes to show, the current arc isn’t over just yet, with the climax most likely saved for next week’s conclusion (I need to stop speculating). What does this mean? Simply put, there isn’t much action going on, thus there was lots of  heavy exposition going on in the absence of said action. I’ll go a little into some of the topics that were brought up, but I want to (hopefully) keep the post concise, so don’t expect overly convoluted musings from me (not that I can’t but..yeah).

Kougami’s abs tale

Once again, this episode was split distinctively into two halves, with one side focusing on the PSB, which is mostly just Kougami this episode and the other side on the “baddies”. Upon discovering that the corpse of Kuzuhara Satsuki is actually related to Specimen Case, Kougami was immediately taken off the case and Akane was assigned to make sure he doesn’t “do anything stupid”.

Great, so what happens next is some man-service followed by a long-winded talk about the case that remained unsolved and what kind of person Sasayama was when he was alive. Excellent, except no-one but Akane (not even Kougami himself) cares about a dead guy. To summarize, the scenes at between Akane and Kougami were a huge waste of time, right? Not really. Bantering aside, I noted a couple of points during their conversation.

  • Dominators don’t “kill” people – From another perspective, this statement is true. A gun does not kill by itself, it is the person who pulls the trigger that does the killing. The moral of the story here is: people can put the blame on whatever weapon they want for the death of another, but ultimately the fault lies within the human race itself.
  • Do crime coefficients ever “recuperate”? – Everyone knows what happens when a person’s Psycho Pass deteriorates, they get flagged and treatment is needed. But in Kougami’s case, it has been nearly 3 years since that fateful incident. In his conversation with Akane, he doesn’t sound like the crazed guy he once was that resulted in his demotion. Perhaps he still harbours some form of ill-intention towards whoever is responsible for Sasayam’s death but apart from that he seems to be in a sound state – should he still be classified as a latent criminal even after all this time?
  • Ironies galore – I find it mildly amusing that Akane was discussing about the Specimen Case and Sasayama with Kougami considering that he was taken off the case and she was tasked to babysit him. The bigger irony is, although the both of them were “taken off the case”, we all know that they will be back in action, even Kougami knows.
  • No-one cares about Sasayama – This bears repeating! Sasayama’s already dead, so..unless there is some mind-blowing plot twist that even I can’t foresee, that dude should be left to rest in peace..or pieces.

Everyone loves expositions, don’t they?

On the other half, Makishima went on an ultra long roundabout way of implying that the whole Psycho Pass system is crap, which in turn means food for thought for us viewers. Again, I’ll go briefly into the points and leave the pondering to the readers.

  • Auto-piloting is bad for you – Psycho Pass system -> automates lives (to a certain extent) since a person’s role and their mental health is taken care of by the system -> no motivation due to stress being almost a non-factor (cloudy Psycho Pass = seek treatment or “die”, rinse & repeat) -> kick the bucket earlier because when a person doesn’t have a reason to live, why stay alive? Alternatively, it can be interpreted as: X cannot exist without -X – there is no success without failure; there is no hope without despair; one can’t possibly enjoy life if they have never struggled before.
  • More ironies galore – Due to the above, despite the advances in technology, the average lifespan is actually shorter because of how automated their daily lives have become. Take away a person’s purpose to live and they become an empty shell, and this is what the Psycho Pass system does in a nutshell. It is akin to taking 2 steps forward but 3 steps backwards in terms of advancing the human race.
  • Ouryou Rouichi – Victim of the aforementioned points. Basically an explanation on how an exemplary person like him got ruined by the introduction of the Psycho Pass system.
  • Moral of the story is – Go figure.

Everyone loves toys, don’t they?

Whoever told me that only well-behaved children gets to play with toys is a liar. Look, even naughty kids get their share of the fun too! Finally the other unnamed man is formally introduced as Choe Gu-Sung, Makishima’s right hand man. Coupled with Rikako, the burning question that I keep asking myself is: “How do these people go undetected?” There are 2 possibilities I can think of – They either remain mentally “healthy” through the act of committing said crimes, because some people are that twisted and extreme, or somehow there is some loophole that allows them to avoid a hue check. Otherwise there’s no real way for these people to walk about in broad daylight without being busted.

With Yoshika more or less left for dead, the question is whether Kagami will follow suit and join her childhood friend or will she be saved in the nick of time? Somehow someway, Akane and Kougami will find a way back into the current picture and it is up to the PSB to pull off a heroic rescue, and my bets are on..never mind.

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