Psycho-Pass 6

Weekly Akane facts #6: Akane holds her liquor well!




While watching this episode I felt that the episode was mostly divided into 2 distinct categories in terms of plot progression. The first being the past – Kougami’s past and the other being the present – Yet another person biting the dust, because by now it is a norm for some random person to die each week, right?

Before I go into the main highlights of the episode, I want to go into a semi-rant about shows that keep introducing new characters every freaking week. I don’t know about how the general anime watcher feels about this, but personally it is somewhat of a pet peeve for me. Why? Because I do not know who is who! Or more specifically, I can’t be bothered to memorize a character’s name if they are going to make an appearance this week and either die in the same episode or the next.

In PP‘s scenario, with each “arc”, there needs to be an antagonist (or culprit to be direct) that isn’t the mysterious man behind the shadows. Remember that guy in episode 1, or the other guy in episode 2, or that drone riding fellow in episode 3, or that imposter in episodes 4 & 5? What were their names again? Right, I don’t remember, and that becomes a damn issue when I need to mention them. Having to look-up their names isn’t anything overly difficult, but as I said – when their presence only lasts for a maximum of 2 episodes, while the series continuously throws new characters at us, it becomes a problem that keeps recurring over and over again. /rant over

Deja Vu?

Frankly, I’m quite surprised that the writers chose to delve into Kougami’s past this quickly, as I thought they would use it as a plot device later on when the business becomes serious. We further learn that Kougami was once in Akane’s position – having an Enforcer under him that goes by the name of Sasayama (new name #1), who got gruesomely murdered. It was the unsolved Specimen Case that caused Kougami to be stripped from his Inspector status into the Enforcer that he is today.

I don’t know if this is some form of strong foreshadowing or what, but this revelation almost seems to imply that the same will happen to Akane and Kougami in the future – I can see it already happening – Akane/Kougami will be caught in a precarious situation that will make the Kougami/Sasayama incident look like a deja vu. I’m almost certain something along the lines of the above is bound to happen, it is only a question when.

That being said, I feel that what we’ve glimpsed so far on Kougami’s past is merely the tip of the iceberg, as the specifics have been left out and all we got was a summary that caused Kougami’s crime coefficients to spike. I’m expecting his history to be further revealed bit by bit in the upcoming episodes.

Some people really just want to see the world burn

Overused quote is overused, but I just couldn’t think of anything better to describe Mr.Makishima (new name #2). After making short appearances in several episodes, this mastermind finally has a name for himself. After this episode, it is pretty indicative that this man is the mastermind behind the killings that occurred in this week’s case and the previous two and most likely, the Specimen Case as well.

As Kougami describes: “This man brings together those with the intent to kill and those with the tools to do so.” This is what makes Makishima so “special”, because he isn’t doing it for money, he isn’t doing it for power. No-one knows what his true agenda is. My best guess is that he wants to bring the whole Sibyl System down. At the same time, some people cause chaos and unrest just for the sake of it – they want to see the world burn.

Why hello there, pretty

I think everyone is tired of watching delusional males committing crimes by now, so here’s something refreshing for a change! Ouryou Rikako (new name #3) is not only smart, pretty and popular, she’s also a psychopathic killer too – with a twisted sense of art and literature to boot! Who needs filthy males when we can have “eye candy”, right?

Shimotsuki Mika and Kawarazaki Kagami (new name #4 & #5) are most likely Rikako’s new prey, seeing how they actually have names, just like Ookubo Yoshika (new name #6) did. Hm, what was the name of the teacher that went missing again (new name #7), or Kuzuhara Satsuki (new name #8)? Remember the rant I was going on about earlier? This is exactly the kind of ridiculousness I was rambling about.

By now, it is a safe bet to say that Rikako will be dealt with in the next episode, similar to the part 1/part 2 format employed in the previous case. As usual, there are other minor details/concepts that have caught my eye, but going into them will only cause unnecessary bloat so I’m going to leave it in the random thoughts section below.

Food for random thoughts:

  • Science isn’t developed till the point where a relationship between genetics and crime coefficients can be formed. Does this mean that eventually people will be determined on a genetic level whether they will be criminals or not? Much like today’s world where, based on a person’s DNA it will be possible to tell if he/she will contract cancer? FOR SCIENCE!
  • What did Ginoza’s dad do? – Chief’s conversation with Ginoza
  • Yayoi is into violent and passionate stuff, hmm..
  • Sup Shakespeare?
  • Akane as resilient as always. The question is, how?
  • Naked people in drawings = art, naked people in real life = ?

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