Psycho-Pass 5

Oh my Akane, what big eyes you have.




Preface: (finally learned the difference between a foreword and a preface!) Yeah I know this post is so delayed till the point where it doesn’t really “matter” anymore. For the record, the screen caps have been taken since 9 Nov and that’s roughly 3 weeks ago. As you can see, I still have quite a bit of catching up to do, so the current plan is to probably keep the backlogs short hopefully concise while I get up to speed with everything else.

A game of cat and mouse

I have to say that I was initially a little disappointed with how the events unfolded in this episode, since in a nutshell this was mostly the second half of the “Bloody Tomato” case (yes I totally made that up), and that the impersonator was no more than a mere puppet. In hindsight I was probably expecting too much from the show – I thought that the current case is a complex murder mystery which spans over multiple episodes instead of being a two-part case that it really is.

The upside is that while the culprit was (almost too) swiftly apprehended and eliminated, someone is clearly pulling the strings behind the shadows. Organized crime in PP? That sounds intriguing, as the general population would be inclined to believe that the Sibyl System is foolproof and thus unlawful offenses should rightfully be isolated incidences as opposed to having a mastermind behind it. Right now this is just the beginning of a cat and mouse game between Akane (and co) and whoever is on the other side.

Who needs lawyers these days?

On the conclusion of this case, I don’t really have anything special to mention about it, as it was quite straightforward to understand:

The more interesting aspects during the chase is that the holograms in the world of PP can be hacked into (cosplay and now interior holos). Massive security breach anyone? Not that I believe the system should be totally hack-proof but modifications of this magnitude signifies that the loopholes in hologram system are quite severe.

There is “plot” after all!

I think I have mentioned this before – that the strengths of PP lies not in its plot (or the weekly episodic crime cases if you will), but in the underlying concepts and themes that I enjoy uncovering each week. This week was no exception, until it was revealed that Kougami was actually a former Inspector turned Enforcer after his Psycho Pass turned cloudy after investigating a certain case. Holy cows, is this a proper storyline I see here?
This explains why Kougami was so “friendly” to Ginoza (along with his leet detective skills) and why Ginoza turned into the jaded person he is today – they were both partners until that fateful incident happened, presumably causing a rift between the both of them.

Honestly, this revelation redeemed the whole episode for me, now that I know there is actually some form of overarching plot going on. Of course, I still enjoy analyzing the philosophies that PP is ever so fond of inserting throughout each and every episode. I’ll list the topics that are worth thinking through (mostly brought up whenever characters have a conversation), but I won’t go in-depth into those as I’m a little short on time and these topics aren’t really related to the case itself – in other words heavy side tracking here.

This week’s food for thought + random thoughts:

  • The internet being a necessarily evil, especially in a futuristic world where everyone is so dependent on technology – Masaoka’s conversation with Akane.
  • The notion that personalities/icons do not necessarily represent the idols themselves. As long as the fans perceive what they want to perceive, it doesn’t matter who the real person is – Kougami on why no-one suspected that their idols are actually fakes.
  • Surviving a point-blank bomb blast while being mostly unscathed – anime logic at its finest.
  • I don’t think I’m the only one who thought Masaoka drinks while on the job. So it turned out that alcohol has other uses in this time and age.

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