Why I write (and read)

I swear I didn’t plan this in advance.





Foreword: I was reading a post on “My Philosophy on Aniblogging” and it prompted me to do my own version of it – simply because I had always wanted to explain why I ventured onto this path and why I stuck with it. In addition I have always wanted to branch out instead of solely sticking to episodic blogging, and this impromptu article serves as the first step towards editorial-styled posts that will be yet another mainstay feature of this site.

Why I Write:

  • Sharing is caring– Human beings are social creatures by nature, as such there is the voice in our heads that makes us go “I HAVE TO TELL THE WORLD HOW AWESOME THIS IS” whenever we experience something gratifying. Link that in with anime, and how society usually stereotype anime watchers as otaku, or look down upon grown adults who prefer 2D>3D. This effectively limits where/when we can geek/nerd out about anime (or anything not normally accepted by society) since one does not really relish the idea of being shunned by their peers for liking anime (or for being in the minority). As someone pointed out, mainstream SNS isn’t really an optimal venue to air the “closeted” side of us, without being judged. So that brings us to seek an alternative place to empty our thoughts, albeit in an anonymous fashion as we’re mostly identified by a handle name and an avatar.
    This leads us to seek out blogs/community sites to satisfy the urge to share, especially when real life is a place where one is unable to discuss the joys and pleasures of watching anime due to the reasons aforementioned.
    Personally, I dislike commenting (regularly), posting on forums because, no-one (well exceptions do exist) likes to read/reply to a wall of text (multiple times) and more importantly – the quality aka signal-to-noise ratio in these areas tend to be horrible – eg trolls/flaming/lame arguments etc.
  • Writing as form of expression – Some of us aren’t very adept at expressing ourselves when it comes to verbal communication, or prefer writing as the superior means of voicing our inner thoughts on a certain subject. Writing is also very different, in that one can sit down, spend a chunk of time thinking through and format our thoughts whereas verbal discussion is mostly done on the fly. Essentially this means that writing allows us to be more thorough, more in-depth, more “long-winded” as opposed to speaking. I’m not saying that writing > speaking as a means of expressing, as both have their own pros and cons – I’m merely pointing out the perks of writing.
  • A sanctuary, a place to call a second “home” – People who write are often people who think a lot, or have lots to say. Who is willing to listen to a person who rambles on X topic today, Y topic the next? A friend might lend a listening ear, but hey let’s be realistic here – unless the other party is interested, no-one is actually able to be there to listen to you go on a rant 24/7 365 days a year wherever, whenever. Viola! Blogging is the solution to “wanting to be heard”. Do note that this doesn’t really apply to episodic blogging but just writing in general.
  • Do what you love, love what you do – Short and sweet, I love anime, I love writing, why not have the best of both worlds?
  • Writing is good for you – Sort of. I enjoy writing as a challenge, to be able to voice my thoughts out coherently, to ensure the text flows smoothly for the readers, to hope that readers find something insightful. I enjoy writing because it helps in keeping your writing skills rust-free (you don’t use it, you lose it).

And that’s why I chose to write/blog, it’s one of the easiest way to “share”. It isn’t so much about me trying to impress others nor is it about self-gratification but rather it is more on sharing the thoughts and hopefully turning into knowledge, wisdom, a different perspective for those who are able to appreciate/understand the points that I’m trying to get across.

Why I read:

  • To gain insight– No.1 reason for me whenever I read someone’s article/comments is to gain insight. Different people have different viewpoints, and sometimes we fail to take note of a certain aspect in a certain topic. Thus by reading another person’s opinion, we may sometimes realize things that we otherwise might have missed if it wasn’t pointed out. Subtleties can be hard to detect at times.
  • To learn from others – Everyone has their own approach and their own styles when it comes to writing (and not just writing), and I try to dissect and analyze that particular style of writing – The pros and cons of such a writing method. Take the pros from others, avoid the cons, apply it to my writing – is what I hope to achieve but sadly I have a long way to go.
  • To be part of/mingle/interact with the community – Again, it’s all about the sharing. I like to know what others think of X episode, or what the general opinions are on Y series, and sometimes maybe leave a comment if I feel like it. It is a form of socializing as we are social creatures, right?

Reading can be dry or boring especially when dealing with huge walls of text, that I totally agree with. However, it is also one of the fastest and best ways to gain knowledge and we all know that knowledge when utilized correctly, is power.


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Professional troll by day. Enigmatic soul by night. A silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Light. やりたい事とやるべき事が一致する時、世界の声が聞こえる
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4 Responses to Why I write (and read)

  1. -blacksheep says:

    interesting post. My main reason for blogging is probably because I just want to write and don’t have anyone to talk to about anime in RL (other than my sister). I have friends who watch anime but they just watch and that’s it. I can’t have a long discussion with them about how much I like the episode or characters or other more things.
    As for why I read, we basically have the same reasons. Whenever I have time, I just drop by multiple blogs and read their posts and sometimes leave comments. I like how other bloggers get to point stuff I wasn’t able to see in a show and how they talk about their point of views on certain series or scenes.

  2. great post.

    i am new in WP but have been blogging my thoughts about a certain manga/anime for awhile now. writing down my thoughts about it helps me look at it a different point of view. for instance, there are times i rant about how awful a chapter or an episode is. but after reading my rant, i tend to see how the writer might be playing the chapter. plus, i get to read others’ opinion or thoughts about it.

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