Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 6

Angry Nibutani is Best Nibutani!




No seriously, I mean it! Chuunibyou would have been 25% less awesome if Nibutani was the innocent, well-liked by everyone girl that she was initially thought to be. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of watching Nibutani locked in an eternal battle against Dekomori either. Personally, watching these two go at it is my favourite part of every Chuunibyou episode. I simply love to watch the dark side of her, while trying to silence anyone who dares to leak her secret out. This week she found her new victim to terrorize, and he is none other than..wait, what’s his name again?

Who’s that guy again?

For people who do not bother to remember unimportant side characters such as myself, that guy is called Ishiki Makoto, or also known as “that guy whom no one really gives a crap about”. I have to admit I sort of conveniently forgotten that there he even existed as all the spotlight was on the girls of Chuunibyou and the man himself, Yuuta.

To serve as a subtle reminder that there is in fact a male sidekick (I pity them the most) in existence, this episode was Ishiki’s turn to shine (pun intended). Every dog has its day after all. As for Ishiki, is it time for his popular days to finally arrive? Anyway, it wasn’t Yuuta but actually Ishiki who received a love letter! I don’t know much about high school romance because..let’s just say I lead a dull high school life. Yuuta, being formerly experienced in such matters, was highly skeptical though, since one does not simply receive a confession for no apparent reason. It is simple logic really – cause and effect – do nothing to impress + someone having a crush on you = does not compute.

Even so, boys will forever be boys as long as there is this illusion called hope. But before we got to know who this mysterious sender (or troll) was, ToLoveRu trouble happened. To me and probably to the majority of the viewers out there, I don’t get what is the fuss over a girls ranking list made by the boys, unfortunately I do not have first hand experience so I can’t really share my 2 cents on the topic. My guess is that the girls might feel slightly offended, especially if you’re at the bottom, but still this is pretty much child’s play and should be taken with a grain of salt. Why so serious?

With the molehill made into a mountain, someone has to take the blame and Ishiki sacrificed himself for the greater good. If there is one punishment out there any guy must never take, it is shaving his own head and I mean it! The biggest problem is that hair takes time to grow (duh), therefore the punishment literally lasts for as long as it takes until the hair starts to grow back. Sorry Ishiki, you thought you would gain some respect from the guys (and maybe girls) from that heroic act, but in reality it is just a dumb move on your part. In the end the guys were indeed grateful, but who really needs gratitute from these guys anyway? To wrap up the whole incident, on that very fateful day the mysterious sender never turned up, leading to endless speculation on whether it was a prank by the boys of the class or if the “girl” in question had a change of heart.

Stealing the spotlight

Despite having not much of a screen time thus far, the character who got the MVP award this episode was actually Kumin! It wasn’t till the very end until she started caught my eye, after showing some kind of weird fascination with Ishiki’s now bald head. Will we see a B-couple here between Kumin and Ishiki? I doubt so, considering how air-headed Kumin is, she is only temporarily captivated by his “shiny appearance” and nothing else. At the very least Ishiki received a “consolation prize” by grabbing Kumin’s attention.

From the little screen time that she had, Kumin has shown to be able to put up a decent fight with Rikka, Dekomori and Nibutani for most popular female character in Chuunibyou. She definitely has her own way of appealing to the viewers, with her ability to sleep anywhere and everywhere, along with her trademark phrase: “I don’t really understand what is going on but it sounds cool!”

Suddenly, a wild Tooka appears! “Come with Rikka and me for summer vacation. We need you.” However that line may be interpreted, it looks like we’ll be seeing a beach episode next. Called it!

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