Psycho-Pass 4

Accel World + SAO = PP?




Commu Field? An online forum/community where people are represented by holographic avatars (from AW)? Nerve gear lookalike (from SAO)? Seems like a few concepts were “borrowed” here and there. In the previous episode I mentioned that apart from the dip in quality, plot seemed to be PP‘s weakest link, because thus far the crime cases were episodic in nature.

Well, it didn’t take very long for PP to remedy that shortcoming. We wanted plot, an incident that wasn’t “just another case”. We asked, and we received. One thing I’m not sure about is how long this “story” arc is going to last – it could be just a short two-part arc, or it could last for another few episodes. Either way, I’m stoked that PP is moving on from the “appetizers” into the “main course”.

Getting killed is easier than “disappearing”

In the offline world, yet another person died (oh no). More specifically, he was murdered, in brutal fashion no less. Getting dismembered and then having the body parts flushed down the sewage pipe isn’t a very nice way to leave this world. That’s some elaborate murder indeed. The funny thing is, no the body parts weren’t discovered, but rather the toilet has been discovered to be broken for two months and that prompted an investigation.

In such a technologically advanced world, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if a person’s actions were easily monitored and tracked, especially considering what the whole Psycho-Pass system is all about. As such, it is easier to be killed than to “vanish into thin air”. Step out of the apartment? Recorded. There’s no way to escape from the grasp of the Sibyl System (legal methods that is). By knowing that the victim Hayama did not even leave the house, the rest was just simple detective work to deduce that there was foul play involved.

One thing lead to another and they now discover that someone was still impersonating the dead man, after all, how can one be alive in an online world when they are dead in real life? It is apparent that someone out there is impersonating Hayama as the popular online celebrity Talisman. For what purpose though? Monetary gains was the first possibility that came to mind, but it isn’t plausible unless the money earned could be channeled to the culprit instead of the now untouched bank account of Hayama. A personal grudge was a low possibility given that it is unlikely that anyone knew the real face behind the avatar named Talisman, furthermore Hayama was probably a low profile person in real life as well since he earns money from sitting in front of a computer – there was hardly anyone he could offend in real life. Additionally, the nature of the murder also signifies that it was premeditated and not committed impulsively.

Lemonade Candy meets Spooky Boogie

Am I watching Accel World now, minus the fighting? The whole Commu Field shenanigans certainly didn’t feel very PPish – for the lack of a better term to describe it. Lemonade Candy, or Akane’s online moniker meets Spooky Boogie, or Sugawara Shouko and to me the most interesting bit of their conversations is not about Talisman nor the plan they’ve come up with to lure the imposter into a trap. It is actually how they are related to each other. Apparently they’re both classmates and that Lemonade Candy is a famous figure online, however these words represent only Spooky Boogie’s side of the story, is she telling the truth or not is the point of contention here.

Personally I feel that she has no real reason to lie, given how she actually knows that Akane is the face behind Lemonade Candy, but how did she know and why is she willing to help Akane out? It is unfortunate that we may never know the answers to these questions as Shouko was silenced shortly after their offline raid got foiled, which was the first sign that there is something more than meets the eye.

Mmm Tomatoes..

It was only towards the end of the episode where the plot started to thicken. The failed operation conducted by Akane and co was proof that there is an organization, or syndicate of sorts pulling the strings behind the scenes. The imposters behind Talisman, and soon to be Spooky Boogie are merely the puppets. This also means that despite being watched over by the Sibyl System, there’s still the unlawful side of society that we’ve just caught a glimpse of. Are they motivated by money, power, or entirely something else? Whatever it is, they’re an organized group.

Again, I feel that it is a real pity that we will never get to see what is the exact deal between Shouko and Akane, I thought that Shouko would have a bigger role to play as opposed to being killed off within a single episode.

With our heroine still pretty much in the dark (to just about everything), the plot has quickly took a 180 degree turn. Will they realize that the real Spooky Boogie is now dead and replaced by a fake? Hopefully the next episode will give me more answers than questions.

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