Psycho-Pass 3

Show should be retitled to : “The different faces of Akane”




I was half-joking. When I was going through the screen caps for this episode, I realized I have quite a number of shots with Akane doing some kind of facial expression. Then I realized that the same probably applies for the previous episodes as well. Not that it is a bad thing though, at least in my book.

The different faces of Akane part 1:

You are now watching CSI: Japan

Unlike the previous episode which focused more on the expositions and less so on the case itself, this week we’re back to an entire episode devoted to solving yet another murder mystery. Am I watching CSI now? Nonetheless there was a couple of new/interesting tidbits that I’ve found. The actual incident itself wasn’t anything overly complex, so much so that anyone with a decent sense of deduction would be able to identify who the culprit was, but it was the character interactions that makes this episode a decent watch.

  • On Kougami
    Man-service aside, we were given a sneak peek about his background. Nothing conclusive can be drawn from that though, it was meant to be a foreshadow to say the least.
    His eagerness to solve the crime (by playing the bad cop) wasn’t because of a sense of justice, but it was akin to a predator hunting its prey. The thrill of the hunt is what drives him, as even Akane manages to discern that just by the look in his eyes. The key question to ask here is whether Akane will slowly change his predatory instincts as the show progresses.
  • On Inspector Ginoza
    The man that surprised me the most. I’m not entirely sure what is the deal with him, but the way he looks down upon the Enforcers, how he sticks to following the book by trusting what the Sibyl System says even though when something was clearly fishy, it struck me as – This man is no simple man. Having been in the field for presumably an extended period of time, he definitely has had similar experiences dealing with such incidences, so why did he opt to “overlook” the situation?
    This is purely a hunch, but I would say that he was once like Akane, naive and walked a similar path that Akane is doing so now – trying to interact with the Enforcers, only for that to backfire at some point in time. Which might be the reason why he is so cold towards them and sees them not as a colleague but a hunting dog. Despite giving off a less than positive impression, don’t forget that he is much more experienced than Akane, hence it wouldn’t be entirely illogical of him to act this way.
  • On Akane
    Still a rookie, she has much to learn. I feel like we’re almost watching this show based off her viewpoint, following her around her adventures. As Ginoza noted, she is quite the fool, as she’s doing effectively nothing but babysitting the Enforcers for now. At this moment I really want to see her grow and mature as a character as she encounters one incident after another while slowly gaining experience – the fool’s way. Put that A grade into use!
  • On the Sibyl System
    Once again, the Sibyl System, although highly accurate, isn’t 100% foolproof. The fact that many people are totally dependent on it is also a point of interest as well. The factory boss assumed there was no foul play involved as everyone’s Hue Colour was healthy enough, even Ginoza chose to dismiss speculation just because the system indicates that the workers appears to be “fine”. Technology maybe able to achieve marvels, but at the end of the day it cannot do everything for us.

Definitely not Plot-Pass

It didn’t dawn on me at first, since I was so engrossed in catching all the subtle details, that the plot isn’t really going anywhere. Indeed, there isn’t really an overarching plot so to speak, as what has been happening so far are just isolated incidents with no links to each other whatsoever. In the future there might be an arc or something that will last for a couple of episodes but even so I highly doubt that there will be any main storyline here.

What I’m trying to say is that plot, or the lack thereof, is not the main reason for watching PP. Personally I feel that there are lots of space for character growth, as each of them have a story to tell. Nothing much is really known about them yet, in which I presume that each character will get their turns to take the spotlight . Especially Akane, my eyes are on her (no strange meanings intended). The Sibyl System is the another other factor to keep a lookout for – I wonder if it will have a bigger role to play, if there is something sinister and darker going on behind the scenes.

Animation quality took quite a noticeable dive in this episode, which always makes me a little sad, not that I’m really bothered by it, just wanted to point it out. Oh well, at least the action scene made up for that – Destroy Decomposer mode anyone?

Random thoughts:

  • Floppy Disks making a comeback?
  • Such an unpleasant workplace, no internet and bullying is seen as a form of entertainment? This is so wrong..

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