Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 5


No Engrish this time, but Maths.






I don’t know what kind of sorcery KyoAni is employing, but I’m truly amazed at how every episode thus far never ceases to be entertaining throughout, even though the show repeats school themes that I have already seen countless times before. Now if only Tooka would get slightly more screen time..

When I say school themes being recycled, I meant stuff like the previous “wanting to create a club but lacking members”, and this week’s “club will be disbanded soon because of X reason” and “Y’s grades are horrible he/she needs tutoring or else”. No, I’m not complaining that they are being reused too much, as long as any series have school-life elements in it, we’re bound to see similarities across the board considering – I mean, how innovative can we really get here? I’m even willing to bet at this point we’ll get a school trip episode which will feature either a beach, a hot spring or a training camp, it just gets that predictable after “a while”.

Maths make me mad!

The club (can’t be bothered to spell the full name out) is officially in a pinch. Rikka’s abysmal score of 2/100 for her midterms maths does not bode well for the future of the club. It is common sense after all, that students who are struggling with their grades should focus less on their co-curricular activities and more on revision/tuition/make-up tests/whatever. No more club means no more legal napping for Kumin! No more club means no more..oh wait, the club isn’t doing anything much to begin with. But no! This is a disaster and it must be averted at all costs!

There are a few ways to avoid failure in any examinations, so let’s take a look at some of the solutions that Rikka and co have attempted:

  • Praying Commanding a local god – In other words, why do the dirty work when “god” can do it for you?
  • The fabled roll-the-lucky-pencil method – If you genuinely believe in this, good luck is all I can say!

Always have Backup Plans A B and C

When the convenient, not-much-effort-needed methods fall short, it is time to resort to either:

  • Underhanded means such as blackmailing or bribery – Well this isn’t encouraged at all for any students out there, really.
  • Curry favouring – Remember, the main objective here isn’t necessarily for Rikka to pass, but for the club to not get disbanded (grades are overrated!). Unfortunately for them, being tasked to clean the pool ended up to be a failure since everyone sort of got “distracted“.  (with Kumin effectively not contributing at all).
  • The only tried and true way – Studying. We’ve all been there, we’ve all done that, we all know what a royal pain in the ass mugging is. It is all about doing what needs to be done, it is all about having the motivation and if applicable – rewards.

When all else fails..

This week’s delusional battle was hilarious, not because it was with another person, but against the dreaded math paper itself. Despite being able to “see it“, it was defeat for Rikka as the all too familiar feeling of looking at an exam paper with your head suddenly going blank comes back (probably happened in reality out there for some poor souls). When all is said and done, when your fate no longer lies in your hands, it is time to the bell curve god.

In layman terms, it basically means that one hopes for his/her peers to do equally as bad or even worse than oneself, thus avoiding failure if you’ve done better than the average, even if it means “failing”. I’m not sure how exactly does the education system in Japan works, but the “bell curve effect” was somewhat applied here when Rikka scored a mere 52/100, but the class average was only 50 because everyone else did not fare well either (class average 50? Sounds like everyone’s been slacking too much, although the paper could’ve been legitimately hard).

Demo Koi ga Shitai?

Even though the episode for the most part was comedic in nature, this episode proves that Chuunibyou isn’t all about fun and laughter. There’s the rom in the romcom and a tinge of loneliness that was also present.

The loneliness stems from the fact that Rikka has little to no friends, no thanks to her chuunibyou ways. It doesn’t help when she isn’t on the best of terms with her elder sister Tooka either. This was probably the reason why Yuuta became determined to help her in her studies, because he doesn’t want the club to disband as it is Rikka’s only real source of interaction with other people. Call it sympathy, or maybe he just wants to help her out of goodwill? I don’t know, but what I do know is that love is starting to brew because of it.

All this series needs now is for Nibutani to fall victim to Yuuta’s charms. Wait for it, it will happen, and when it does.. All hell will break loose An epic (delusional) battle is going to occur. Calling it now!

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