Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 4

Underneath that smile lies..




I stand corrected. Nibutani isn’t a current chuunibyou-ian, but like Yuuta, she felt extremely ashamed of her past self as the alter ego – Mori Summer. Knowing beforehand that Nibutani isn’t as innocent as she seems ruined a little of my enjoyment as those who were “spoiled” pretty much knew that she was putting on an act. Nonetheless this episode is simply awesome, especially once Nibutani started to reveal the darker side of herself.

I see your true colours shining through

Poor Yuuta, if I were in his shoes I’d be thinking the exact same thing: “Why would Nibutani, the cutest girl in class want to join Rikka’s club?” The napping part of the club isn’t really a valid reason, she could be genuinely interested in “magic research”, or perhaps it has something to do with romance? Boys at that age tend to over think affairs of the heart a little too much, and it doesn’t help at all when Nibutani suddenly asks to hang out at Yuuta’s place, while sounding suggestive in the process.

Even Yuuta knows, he hasn’t particularly done anything to make himself stand out, why would Nibutani suddenly be keen in him? Something is amiss here and the jig is up when Nibutani was close to uncovering Yuuta’s secret in her attempts to cover up her own (oh the irony). Her reactions was a dead giveaway in that regard, and hence there wasn’t a need for Nibutani to put on an act anymore.

I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but somehow I prefer Nibutani’s personality to be like this – seeing the nasty side of her as opposed to the initial portrayal of her. That way she doesn’t pass off as a generic one-dimensional cute girl who does cute things. Yep, I absolutely adored how she shot down Yuuta at point-blank range. From threatening to curse him if he revealed her secrets, to admitting that her sole reason for joining the club and visiting Yuuta was to destroy the last remaining evidence of her being an ex-chuunibyou-ian. Even though Yuuta comforted her by showing empathy, instead of scoring manly points, all he got for it was to be branded as a loser. In a space of a single episode, Nibutani changed from being an innocent-looking, cool beauty into an annoyed and distraught-looking girl. I made it sound as if that was a bad thing, but no, it wasn’t! On the contrary I feel that this makes Chuunibyou all the more endearing to watch now that Nibutani isn’t the kind of person we thought her to be – it adds more depth to her character.

Dekomori desu DEATH!

Originally I didn’t think too highly of Dekomori’s character since I don’t really buy into the whole “being an idiot” archetype, but so far she’s been doing an excellent job at just that. With Rikka taking more of a backseat in this episode, it was Dekmori’s turn to take the stage. I was really impressed by her “dumbness” so to speak, from calling Yuuta Dark Flame Master repeatedly to her refusal to acknowledge Nibutani as Mori Summer, that was so darn hilarious. I really wonder whether if Rikka and her are really that stupid though, they were both “convinced” by Yuuta with the aid of his Darkness Note, at the same time Dekomori was still intelligent enough to keep backup copies of the Mabinogion. Of course, this week’s delusional battle ended up being really one-sided since Mori Summer Nibutani is no match for the Mjolnir Hammer now that she’s “retired”.

The madness fun continues, as Nibutani now finds her reputation still at stake because of Dekomori. Despite selecting a high school in which none of her middle school friends attend in order to bury her past, it was ultimately futile (ironically the same thing applies to Yuuta too). Nibutani now has to face her dreaded past (along with Yuuta) if she wants to continue leading a normal high schooler’s life. Her grudge with Dekomori is probably enough to keep me entertained already, but even so I can’t wait to see what crazier things will happen next.

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